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Outside Adventures

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I meant to post these yesterday but I was too busy..

Hex on his Harness

Hex Outside

We took Hex for a big walk :) He did quite like the grass and pouncing on dead leaves. However, he wasn’t too happy about the big huge dog that was brought down past our building. I lifted him up on to my shoulders and he put his muddy paws in my ears, hah!

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  1. Mackenzie said:

    Aww, that’s almost gross. He puts his muddy paws IN your ears? :O Haha, this reminds me of my dad’s friend’s cat. This cat is just like a dog and even buries it’s… ‘presents’ in the ground and goes for walks around the block.

  2. Jem said:

    Does Hex really behave? He throws a fit when I try and put it on, but once we’re outside he’s much more interested in what’s going on than the harness.

  3. Aaron said:

    That’s so cute! Hex looks a little scared in that first picture. I have to take one of my cats out on a leash or else he runs away far and fast.

  4. Karl said:

    Oh dear, grant… You won’t want to read mine either then..heh..”Responsible Cat Owner, part 2″ doesn’t sound like your thing.. He’s a part of this family, same as my Guinea Pig at my mothers..we write about what we feel is important, and what matters to us…which is, to be frank, our animals..:) If truth is told,laddie…your contributions to and opinions of the site, the domain, us and our pets/pasttimes are about as much concern to us as..well..something highly unimportant and utterly forgettable..:) I mean that in the nicest possible way.

  5. Julie said:

    Oh, I like the one where he’s in the grass. I certainly couldn’t take my cat outside by the current weather. She’d freeze right there.

  6. Vera said:

    There’s something very odd about walking cats with a leash… IMHO. Now I understand the practical reasons, but to me leashes are for dogs. Muddy paws in ears eek!

  7. Catherine said:

    Aw… Hex is so adoreable. He has such a lovely face too. I admit, cat-on-a-leash thing does seem odd at first (especially since cats are allowed to run free here… hence why I first met in the new neighbours in the search for their cat) but if Hex enjoys it and it makes sense for your area, good on you. More pictures please! :P

  8. Rise said:

    Heya, you’re the only person that I reckon will possibly know this, but do ya know when PR is going to update? I love to obsess over my PR…

  9. Hev said:

    Red is a good color on him, Jem. Thank goodness you use a harness and not a collar. I don’t know why people seem to think cats will walk on a collar. They walk better with a harness. I think taking Hex for walks is a wonderful idea. Thank you for always keeping him on the leash though. Too many things happen when cats get off the leash, lol. Have you tried crumpled paper with Hex yet? As for Grant, he just needs to realize that this is your blog and you can put on it what you want. Personally, I love hearing about Hex.

  10. Chanel said:

    Aww, this reminds me of the times I used to take my cat out for a walk in my neighborhood… Everyone (even the dogs, I’m sure) thought I was absolutely batty. Hex is getting SO huge! Wow.

  11. Brigitte said:

    Those pictures made me smile! Also, I’m at work (IE 7) and the lines are showing up sort of in the middle of the comments, thought you’d want to know.

  12. Chans said:

    Hex gets cuter every time you post about him! How is he doing on the toilet? Just a little warning; cats are very good at getting out of those leads and escaping while outside. So be careful when you walk him like that; you might not want him to get out of it…

  13. Brenda said:

    Hex looks like such a darling in the second photo. (: Although I have to echo the others and mention that I haven’t seen a cat on a leash before.

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