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The jemjabella household is a bit of a zoo, covering several different species: from pedigree cats to exotic spiders. While a hundred (exaggeration) pets might not be everyone's idea of fun, and there's no shortage of cleaning duties to be had, there's always something furry looking for a cuddle and a fuss.

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Family Fuss and Fur

On Friday (3rd) my sister was taken in to hospital with suspected appendicitis. After 2 days of poking and prodding at the local hospital, it was decided she didn’t have appendicitis. She was taken by ambulance to another hospital, where she had keyhole surgery on…

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Extending our Family

Karl and I have been talking for some time now about the prospect of expanding our family. Although it’s a big step, and the current financial climate doesn’t make for perfect circumstances, I think we could spend forever waiting for “the right moment” only to…

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What a Size Difference!

Fudgeybuckets, 10th May 2008 (the day we got him) at approximately 5 weeks old: Fudge last week, 5th July 2008, now approximately 14 weeks old: I am pleased with how well he’s doing, despite his awful start to life. :)

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A Furry Purry Update

As I’m being pestered left, right and centre for updates on my furry buggers, I figured I should probably blog about them. Plus I know some of you only come here for the pictures :P Fudge settled in rather rapidly, which surprised me given the…

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Appeal: Cat and Kitten Homes Needed

If you’re based in the States and in a position to offer a cat or two a home (either temporary fostering or permanent adoption) please read through this post. If you’re based in Coweta County, Georgia, there are 42 furry babies on the urgent list…

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The Cat Hotel

I’ve come to the conclusion that my house has been turned into a cat hotel. Hex is currently holding a conversation with Fudge through the back bedroom door, where Fudge is kept when he’s not being directly supervised. Fudge has food delivered like room service,…

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