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Fudge Update

 |  Pets

Firstly, thank you all for the lovely comments on my Fudge intro post — advice, reassurances, etc — all appreciated. I’m not used to dealing with kittens this tiny!

He seems to be settling in well; I took him for his first vet check-up this evening and apart from being underweight and suffering from worms he’s in good health. We’ve got some high quality kitten food and a worming solution for him, which should get him back on track in no time. Hex has also been given a worming tablet to reduce any chances of being infected, but otherwise is allowed to socialise with Fudge as he’s up to date on all vaccinations.

I called the RSPCA earlier today, and was not particularly impressed with the level of “service”. It sounded like an outsourced call centre — the woman certainly had a thick accent — and I spent 10 minutes trying to figure out why she was asking me “is he ten?” (turns out, she was asking if he was thin) My details, along with the details of the filthy cow I rescued Fudge from, have been passed on to the “resource centre” …or at least that’s what I think she said. Apparently they now choose the best course of action, although I have no idea if I’ll be kept updated.

Hex and Fudge have been interacting with various degrees of success. Hex alternates between being quite aggressive, and quite motherly. I’m not sure to what level I should let him dominate though, as I don’t want him hurting Fudge. I’m sure those of you who’ve got multiple cats will be able to advise on what’s normal, and what’s over the top though…

Thanks again everyone :)

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  1. Chans said:

    Very glad to hear that Fudge is doing well. Give Hex some time to get used to him he probably doesn’t know what to do with himself and that’s why he’s all over the place (aggressive, motherly) with his ’emotions’. I guess the best thing to do is give them both a private space that’s just for them, a place for Hex where Fudge isn’t allowed to go and vice versa.

    Hopefully the RSPCA will do something with your call, maybe you can call them back in a few weeks time to see if there is any update about your ‘case’ if you haven’t heard from them? Whatever happens though, you did the best you could; saved Fudge and reported the woman!

  2. Clem said:

    Aww, it’s great that he’s doing well. After the conditions he had to live through before I’m sure almost anything would be better – and from reading all your Hex posts, I know Fudge will have a great life. *melts into a puddle of mushyness*

  3. Meli said:

    I’ve got five cats that we got at three separate times; the first two lived with us for about four years before we got another cat, a kitten we rescued. Most of the time they’d come up to her all curious, just wanting a sniff, but as soon as the kitten made eye contact they’d hiss and run away. Eventually they warmed up to her; we didn’t usually have to interfere. By the time the kitten was six months old, we’d find all three of them on the bed having communal cat bathtime.

    You can expect Hex to be a little aggressive at first, but once he realizes that Fudge isn’t a threat, he’ll probably go way towards the motherly side. You shouldn’t have to interfere unless he’s really beating on Fudge or something, and then you’d probably want to separate them for a while.

  4. Holly said:

    I’m glad to hear the Fudge is on his way to good health. I only have one cat, so I can’t advise you on how to encourage them to to become friends rather than eat each other, but I’m sure someone else will be able to. :)
    That’s not too flash about the SPCA call center! I’m usually somewhat baffled by call center people with foreign accents too! I hope they do something about the woman with the rest of the kittens, if they don’t keep you updated I think you’d be perfectly within your rights to phone them back and enquire about i! :)

  5. Aimée said:

    Maybe it’s worth calling the RSPCA again in a week or two, just to check in?

    Definitely keep us posted on Fudge & Hex. More pictures wouldn’t hurt, either! :)

  6. Han said:

    some cats go proper mental at each other but they never really hurt each other – at least not unless their complete strangers to each other and are fighing over territory – which I doubt hex and fudge will do now.

    You’d be surprised how much abuse a kitten can take from an older cat!

    moar photos pls!! :P

  7. Teesee said:

    Fudge’s colouring reminds me of those pink and white (not the pink side obviously) nougat bars I remember as a kid. Does anyone else remember them?

    I’ve never had to deal with the RSPCA but my friend works for the Mayhew Animal Home – I know it’s based in London but they do step in if there is abuse going on for animals and rehome them. I could ask for some advice if you like?

  8. Cory said:

    Great to hear that Fudge is doing well, and coping with Hex as well. Hopefully, the RSPCA will shut down that witch of a ‘breeder’, and the other kittens will have good homes as well.

    I have three cats, and introducing one into the mix will always bring a rough patch in the dominate cat’s life. Hex will soon get used to Fudge, and they will have a mother child relationship (which is good, of course). They may hiss at each other for the first few weeks, up to about a month, but as they are used to each other, and one is cleary older, Hex will take control in letting Fudge knowing whose boss, and it will stay settled after that.

    Fudge may be timid in the future from past horrid experiences (my middle cat is like that), and will hide when you have company over, and will run, even from you, when he becomes strong enough to do so, if his past is horrible enough to scare him of humans.

    Everything will come along in time. I love cats.

  9. Louise said:

    I’m so happy to hear they’re getting along. I hope Fudge recovers well. :)

    And I hope the RSPCA aren’t as bad as they sound and actually take some action. :)

  10. Julie said:

    Growling and “mild” fighting is okay. Maybe while Fudge is not too healthy you should watch them more, but I can say for sure that there is no real problem in a MUCH bigger cat playing with a tiny little thing a bit roughly.

  11. Cel said:

    Yes, definitely check in about Fudge’s former…keeper? Fudge’s seller?

    I don’t know much about cats, but I’m sure he’ll be okay in time. There are whole books dedicated to the delicate psychology of children (and I know, because I evaluate them). Perhaps there are similar counterparts for cats. Let’s hope they’re less stupid.

    I have to ask, though: worms? Not serious, I hope.

  12. Hev said:

    Hex will basically put Fudge in his place in the placement of the house. Hex will be the dominant cat because he is the oldest and he has been there the longest. Hex will not harm Fudge because Karl & you have shown that you approve of Fudge. So unless blood is drawn I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

  13. Regina said:

    Glad that things are going well for Fudge! I do hope RSPCA will take serious action against that filthy women. I don’t have any cats so I don’t know how to deal with a situation like this. =P My best friend does have a gorgeous cat though, she picked him up from the road. Ooh high quality kitten food! My friend complains about the food prices, hahaha. Hope all the worms die soon.

  14. Jessica said:

    I’m sure your two cats will get along better than mine! We had a ten-year-old female cat when we adopted a two-year-old male stray, and they have never got along. I think it’s because they both wanted to be the dominant cat, and there can only be one! (And this one? Is the younger cat. The older one never really stood a chance…)

    I hope the RSPCA does what they’re MEANT to do, as well.

  15. Mumblies said:

    I think, as Hex is already washing the little one, and showing him the whole ‘how to cover your poo in case predators smell us’ thing in the litter tray that you have no major worries here Jem. Obviously, Fudge has to learn who is alpha male (Hex) in this household. Which he will, by being put in his place and guided by Hex. You will find that in a week or so Fudge will be taught all kinds of kitty stuff, from how to stalk the humans/prey/mouse/catpole etc, to how to be all cute and cuddly to attract human’s attention for food. I know you are concerned as to the massive size difference, but in the cat world the mother feeds the young until weaned and shortly after this the kitten would be taken under the male’s guidance to learn hunting and defence etc. Fudge has already accepted that Hex is his alpha male by the manner in which he will lay down on his back or side and offer his unprotected belly and throat. Hex will not take advantage of this, he will see immediately that the kitten is being submissive and be satisfied that he is the boss and that the kitten knows this. He may appear too rough with his cuffs and pats, but rest assured that little one is far tougher than you think.
    I have every confidence that they will soon both be the best of mates and they will end up stalking you and Karl just as if they had been raised together since birth. :)
    So surrogate mum, you are doing the right thing in monitoring these two, but I firmly believe that the brothers will soon be the best of mates.


  16. Renate said:

    I hope the RSPCA will actually do something, I almost cried myself when I read your post about those poor kittens. :(

    When we got our second kitten, Link, we already had a 6 year old male cat. We let them be together and “play rough” while we were there, and we let the older cat be somewhat aggressive towards Link – and the other way around, as long as the fighting didn’t get too violent. They just really needed to figure out who would be boss (you’d imagine the tiny little kitten would just give it up when he saw the other huge one, but noo…).

  17. Tanya said:

    Hex has to make sure that Fudge knows he’s boss – things should settle down after that. They may continue to play fight quite a bit – in my experience with cats and kittens at least – but unless you see any scratches or hear any yowling there’s no need for concern (chances are they will just be testing out the others strength). The main sign that they’re not going to get on is if they ignore each other and refuse to be in the same room – at the moment, any interaction is good interaction. Good luck Jem!

  18. Dom said:

    Hey Jem,

    Just read your first post about Fudge – what an awesome kitty!

    Sorry to hear about the conditions those kittens were kept in. I hope the RSPCA sort the situation out. I’m not a cat-lover exactly, but I do have 7 of the furry things in my house, and I’d never want to see them get hurt or abused.

    If the RSPCA doesn’t sort the mess out, I’ll stop my monthly donations to them! :P

  19. Mari said:

    Wow. I just managed to read the first post…and she still made you pay 50 pounds?! That’s called not only being a cat farmer, but being a disgusting money-grubbing, heartless…*goes on ranting*

    I remember when our cat had kittens, we gave them away whenever people asked about them. Who the hell could charge to give a kitten a loving home? And how could THAT particular lady charge anything?!

    Well, for kittens that young…try to make sure there’s no way they can get stuck in tight or dangerous spaces. My little Pistol actually managed to climb into the side of our house and got stuck one time. Dad had to put on work gloves to get the little whippersnapper out (as small as his claws were, he would have ripped Dad’s arm open rather nicely).

    Having the older cat share toys and playtime with the itty bitty helps. It’s also really funny, because the smaller cat will have a much slower reaction time than the mature cat…XDD

  20. Ashley said:

    Fudge is adorable by the way. :) Hex was probably really aggravated by Fudge at first. Possibly thinking that Fudge was there to take his place. I’m sure the two of them will be good buddies before long though. At least, this is how it seems to work with normal cats. My cat would tear Fudge to pieces (Pouncy is so antisocial). Like Hex said, you and Karl like Fudge, so Hex will just have to give in and accept him too. :)

    The RSPCA call sounds stupid. :P I can’t stand when places you think should care about animals see very uninterested about the situation. Of course, they must get so many calls in a day perhaps and it’s probably all boring routine for them by now.

  21. Chelsea said:

    As an animal lover hearing stories of abuse really bothers me. I’m very thankful there are people out there, like you, who care enough to rescue the animal. I cannot believe the woman had been keeping them in a cage in a cupboard, I would have been so angry I probably would have stolen them all from her. I pray that the RSPCA gets off their ass and gets out there! We have rescued the cats I have, and one in particular was hard as when we took her in she was terribly thin and someone had tried to declaw her themselves (I wish I was kidding). Since Hex is a male, I’d keep a close eye on him since the one that comes first in the family likes to be the alpha male. We haven’t had too much trouble with ours, although our “alpha male” likes to get too rough on occasion, but most of the time everything goes smoothly.

  22. Hayley said:

    The RSPCA are a total and utter waste of space! They make sitiuations worse and let people, like this nutty old woman, keep there pets and tell us there’s no need for concern when clearly there is!
    I have two cats and they act like brothers around each other as theres only a couple of months difference between them.
    I have Garfield who was one in March and he protects Tiggy (will be one in June) and looks out for him, if you feel your cats are too ott with each other don’t worry, just lap it up whilst you can, it’s great that they get on :)

  23. Alex said:

    OH MY GOD. Fudge is the absolute most adorable little critter in the world! If I lived in England, I’d go rescue his siblings in a heartbeat. Perhaps you could suggest the kittens to friends in the area (though 50 quid is a steep price, I do understand that)? In any case, I do hope the RSPCA does something! Hopefully Hex will “mother” him in a feline way :)

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