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What a Size Difference!

 |  Pets

Fudgeybuckets, 10th May 2008 (the day we got him) at approximately 5 weeks old:


Fudge last week, 5th July 2008, now approximately 14 weeks old:


I am pleased with how well he’s doing, despite his awful start to life. :)

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43 comments so far

  1. Aaron said:

    Awh, he’s so cute. And Fudge is such an adorable name, too. I’m glad he’s doing well. He looks happier in the second photo compared to before where he looks very scared.

  2. Roo said:

    Oh my goodness, is Fudge photogenic or what?
    Wow. Well, this takes care of my cuteness dose for today.

    Huhu I love how his eyes are sort of frosty looking in the picture. :)

  3. Claire T said:

    Wow amazing how animals grow over time! Reminds me of a cat near me that loves attention from anyone and i love his markings and the colour of his fur!

  4. Brianna said:

    Oh my lord… that kitten is just about the most adorable creature on this earth (next to my puppy, of course… but a close second). How much does he weigh? He’s so tiny!!!

  5. Sean said:

    Aw, he’s so adorable! He has grown A LOT.

    And to save me some time (instead of backtracking to the previous entry), nice layout. Good job with the implementation of Georgia.

  6. Mumblies said:

    Indeed he has come on wonderfully. All due to your loving care, lots of help from Hex and of course Karl (who says he’s not a cat person lol)
    Beautiful baby Jem, and perfectly complimenting his old brother now he has grown some.

  7. Rise said:

    Did you get round to calling the RSPCA?

    That reminds me, I’ve been meaning to call them on someone who leaves their dog outside for hours. The other day it was barking at 11:45 at night which is illegal (because of the loud noise law and all that jazz). Sometimes the dog was outside barking all day. At least every week (when I was at my boyfriend’s). I need to work out the address and whatnot.

  8. Mari said:

    Whoa, he grew really fast.

    I’ve heard that orange cats usually have orange eyes…I wonder if Fudge’s eyes will be orange when he grows up….

  9. Regina said:

    Oh my gosh I gasped out loud when I saw how Fudge looked now! He has grown a lot! Wow Jem! It’s amazing. =) He looks much healthier now! Long live the kitties!!!

  10. Renate said:

    It’s amazing how fast kittens grow up and become…cats. He is still adorable though. :) Also, wow – I could never get our two cats to be that physically close to each other as Fudge and Hex are in the second photo.

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