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Pets archive

The jemjabella household is a bit of a zoo, covering several different species: from pedigree cats to exotic spiders. While a hundred (exaggeration) pets might not be everyone's idea of fun, and there's no shortage of cleaning duties to be had, there's always something furry looking for a cuddle and a fuss.

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Nom Nom Nom

I hope you like this one as much as I do… (Sorry about the lack of posts with any substance, I’m trying to get my ongoing scripts/projects finished off before February :))

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Outside Adventures

I meant to post these yesterday but I was too busy.. We took Hex for a big walk :) He did quite like the grass and pouncing on dead leaves. However, he wasn’t too happy about the big huge dog that was brought down past…

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My Litter Kwitter Arrived

I don’t know if I mentioned this on here before (this week has befuzzled my brain) but Karl and I intend on toilet training Hex. As in, properly toilet training in a human toilet. I have purchased a product especially designed to train cats to…

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Caption This

I’ll link to the website of the person who submits the best caption in my sidebar (Asides)… In other news: there is no other news. I’ve been working on tutorialtastic all weekend, including adding the rate functionality I talked about in my last TT post.

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Hex Loses First Teeth

Hex lost his first two baby teeth today. This is actually quite a weird occasion for me, because despite having had tons of cats over the years I’ve never once seen one lose their teeth. I didn’t even realise it happened until Karl mentioned that…

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