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De-Noodling Turns Hex Into Monster

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Apart from being incredibly relieved because I now have a week off work to chill out and forget about e-mail problems, deadlines etc, I have also been quite anxious because today Hex was booked in for de-noodling. For those that don’t live in the world of Jem, it’s otherwise known as neutering or castration. ;)

Anyway, after an early start and a rushed coffee we navigated our way to the main branch of our chosen vet and got Hex all booked in. I didn’t particularly want to leave him and he didn’t particularly want to be left, but neutering is a necessary evil for the greater good. I feel it’s my job to make sure he doesn’t impregnate any females that the owners were too irresponsible to get chopped. (Don’t even get me started on how many pets end up in unloving homes and on the streets because of useless owners!)

Everything went OK and we brought him back this afternoon, but he has not sat still since we got back. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a cat recovering from anaesthetic but I expected much more sleeping and a whole lot of lazing around acting dopey! He won’t rest, he’s climbing up and down things and keeps attacking my hand if I go near him. This is odd for the simple reason that Karl is usually the one he plays with (I’m just for cuddling). I sincerely hope that this is temporary — a side effect to the high-calorie food we’ve been told to feed him until it’s all gone.

Energy bursts aside, I was quite pleased with the whole thing today. We managed to get the little furry bugger neutered, vaccinated and microchipped for a whole lot less (money) than I expected, and got a goodie bag out of the bargain with free food and one free flea treatment. And the receptionist called me Mrs Turner.

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