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Karl Under Attack

 |  Pets

Playing with Hex this evening, I managed to take this shot:

fierce hex

That’s some teeth he’s got there! And people wonder why Karl wears the glove for protection…

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  1. Jem said:

    wii remote on the floor! Looks, real, tidy! I’m too busy working, and writing posts for the likes of you lot to tidy up. You can’t have both :P

  2. Chanel said:

    Awww! Hex is getting so big. You’ve haven’t seen nothing until you’ve seen my brother and my dog “play fight” – he (the dog, that is) raises his hackles and shows off these scary, huge canines… It terrifies most people. I agree with Aaron though – that glove without being attached to a body is very serial killerish. :P

  3. Hev said:

    I don’t blame Karl for wearing them. My suggestion would be to make sure that when Hex has a hold with his teeth that he will let go when Karl or you tells him to. Hex needs to know who is lead cat or “mommy”. All my kits have to go through this lesson. Though I have to admit I usually tend to play with a stalk of alfalfa instead of my hands, lol.

  4. Jessica said:

    I have no idea why I never thought of wearing gloves. My cat leaves nasty marks when he wants to play. And they always get infected no matter what. He stays out all night he’s that type. Sorry randomness falling out of my head tonight.

  5. Vera said:

    Hmpf: and people are intimidated by you. Then again, you DO have a picture of Hex here, so it makes sense. I’d still like such a vicious *cough* cute fur ball for myself. Pity I don’t have the time to care of it.

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