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Hex Loses First Teeth

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hex standing tallHex lost his first two baby teeth today. This is actually quite a weird occasion for me, because despite having had tons of cats over the years I’ve never once seen one lose their teeth. I didn’t even realise it happened until Karl mentioned that someone he worked with had asked about it. Turns out it’s perfectly normal and happens around 5-6 months old; usually they’re swallowed with the food.

hex licking his purple mouseIn other news, he’s doing well and recovered quickly from the de-noodling. He hasn’t turned into the overweight, lazy stereotypical neutered cat (yet) and instead, spends his time choosing to run up and down the walls and practise flying from the bookcase (usually landing on my back with all his claws out).

Although he has been a little shit this week, waking me up before 6am every morning scratching at the bedroom door, I would totally get more cats if I had the space.

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  1. Mumblies said:

    I still have one of Pog’s baby teeth in my jewellery box i think, could have told you they lose ’em if you had asked :o) I’m glad that Hex has not suffered any problems from his ordeal though.

  2. Grant said:

    That is a first, my brother has had a few kittens from birth and i have never heard of this, it must have as you said been swallowed in their food.

  3. Lo said:

    Aw, he’s gorgeous! I have a little black girl kitty a few months older that looks JUST like him. I had the great luck to step right on one of her teeth when she lost them…

  4. Ang said:

    I was not aware that cats have baby teeth and lose them. I don’t remember my youngest doing that, but then I’m sure I just didn’t notice. My youngest, I talk about them like they’re children. Multiple cats are nice to have them keep each other company. I’m sure mine get more exercise from each other than from me playing with them.

  5. Hev said:

    Yep, he will lose all his teeth. Once he loses them, he will stop trying to chew everything. As for him flying off the bookcase & landing on you with claws out, if you can beat him then move before he lands on you and tell him no as he falls on the floor. Don’t worry, he will land on his feet. He needs to learn that jumping on you like that is not acceptable behavior. Please, don’t declaw him though, Jem. That is just cruel, plus if he ever gets out of the apartment he won’t be able to defend himself against other cats. Just trying to help.

  6. Chanel said:

    Aww! So I take it you didn’t actually find any of his teeth? When I first found out that puppies lose their baby teeth, I was determined to “capture” one from my dog and make a necklace out of it (A puppy canine – how cool would that be?)… I don’t think I ever managed it, but I know other people have.

  7. Ashley said:

    How adorable! :) Congrats to Hex for losing a tooth and “growing up.” My cat, Pouncy, has like one little fang on the top and a few tiny little teeth on the bottom. She’s been through a lot in her life and has thus lost some teeth (and some of her 9 lives….).

  8. Chrissy said:

    One of our cats would jump on my lap and lose his teeth. He lost three of his baby teeth on my lap. The first time, I freaked out. I didn’t know cats lost their baby teeth like humans do. Thank goodness for the internet or that would have been a vet bill.

  9. Jen said:

    Two cats can be better than 1 but be prepared for the constant fighting till all hours in the morning but also how cute they look when they cuddle up & clean each other. If you have an adult cat & want a 2nd I would suggest you get a kitten as they will be more inclined to accept each other.

  10. caroline west said:

    my cat is over 2 years old and she is getting more teeth though her frount fang is coming though its strange as she is over two

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