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Read about my battles with Pre-Menstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD), my mental health, surviving both childhood sexual abuse and a 12 year relationship plagued with emotional abuse, as well personal projects / challenges, and anything vaguely Jem-related.

Another Cold, etc.

I’ve got another bloody cold. I’m hoping it won’t affect my testicles this time. None the less I’m playing it safe and drinking lots of orange juice (vitamin c ftw.) Talking of “ftw”, I’m thinking of making this ftw (that’s ‘for the win’) t-shirt my next syswear purchase. I think it’s only fair that after… read more →

A Recipe

1. Take one bottle of white wine 2. Pour generously into large glass 3. Add hilarious show, Mock the Week in this case. 4. Laugh wildly. Result: woken neighbours and sore ribs from laughing so bloody loud. Alcoholism is a pretty good cure for stress though, I have to say. It’s not like me to… read more →

DVD Recommendations, etc

I’ve finally managed to sign up to one of those online DVD rental things. I kept telling myself I would and not getting round to it (story of my life) so I feel like I achieved something by doing so. Anyway, now that I’ve signed up and have given me a funky 2 week… read more →

My Giant To-Do List(s)

Because I’ve figured out that I work better to a list (or ten)… Q*Bee Valentines thanks, heart-shaped ‘shrooms Bees of the week/honeybeez for today Process the remainder of the submitted eggs Distribute eggs to princess bees Choose new workerbees to replace old one/s Trade with any of 7 pending trade-ees General Web Finish fix for… read more →

Going Through the Menopause

Yes, that’s right, I’m going through the menopause. Sure, I might be about 25 years too young, what why should that stop someone like myself? How else can you explain the dramatic mood swings I’ve been experiencing today? I woke up fine, felt like bursting into tears every five minutes between 9-11am, felt fine again… read more →

I bloody hate it when…

…all I can think to write about is a load of whingy bollocks. And, I also hate it when: I (unintentionally) bite the inside of my cheek four times in a row, causing my mouth to swell and bleed, making chewing impossible. People talk about me in “private” forums (what’s particularly amusing though, is that… read more →

You Know You’re a Geek When…

…you create a PHP script to parse your telephone bills because you can’t be bothered to install suitable software to deal with .csv files. (If anyone wants that code btw, let me know and I’ll hook you up. It’s designed to parse BT phone bills in .csv format with colour coding depending on the incoming… read more →

What a Wonderful Day

I’m having a great day so far. I opened my inbox to a very pretty “Happy Valentines” photograph from Han (who I’m yet to thank, oops) and an e-mail from my mummy telling me that her flowers are beautiful. I had actually forgotten that I’d ordered them, so it was like a big double surprise… read more →