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I became a parent in November 2009 and, as the cliché goes, my world turned upside down. PHP posts turned to pregnancy, midnight gaming turned to midnight (and 1am, and 2am, and ...) feeds. Here lies documented tales of poop, boobs, toddler tantrums and the nitty gritty that goes with being Mum.

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Making Baby v2?

If you’re following me on twitter or facepoop you’ve probably seen my recent posts about my new nephew, baby Jack. “Unfortunately” this has thrown an already very broody me into the deep end of omg-another-baby thoughts. My original plan was to wait until Isabel hit…

 |  Parenting, WTF

Breastfeeding and Feminism

After having Isabel I became fascinated with breastfeeding. The whole thing is a pretty amazing process, and some of the components of breast milk are beyond compare. However, I soon discovered articles from “feminists” arguing that birth, breastfeeding and the associated period of fairly intense…

 |  Misc, Parenting

Resorting to Child Labour

I’m so freakin’ knackered from all the moving malarkey that I’m resorting to child labour: But hey, at least she’s earning her keep ;D Move is progressing well, touch wood. We exchange contracts on Tuesday, and assuming the mortgage company get their arses in to…

 |  Misc, Parenting

Coping Without TV

In the weeks after Isabel’s arrival, Karl and I stopped watching TV. It wasn’t planned; in fact, we were really pleased originally that the cottage had such an awesome aerial compared to the old flat. It just seemed so… low priority. I’d vowed not to…

 |  Parenting

Breastfeeding and Booby Traps

I started this draft when my application form came through from the Association of Breastfeeding Mothers to train as a Mother Supporter. You have to include a covering letter talking about your breastfeeding experiences. I started writing, and before I knew where I was I’d…

 |  Interwebs, Parenting

I Blew It

Aye, there goes my posting-every-day. (Although hopefully I can pick it back up again.) Isabel came down, very suddenly, with some sort of virus yesterday. She spent the majority of the day sleeping on me or nursing. By the time I’d finally got her down…

 |  Parenting

Labial Frenectomy

Have spent all evening trying to do some research into the labial frenectomy procedure, ENT specialists in the local area, etc. Am getting absolutely bloody nowhere, apart from more and more frustrated. To cut a long and boring story (about breastfeeding, mostly) short I am…

 |  Parenting

The Self-Settling Myth

There are many contentious issues on parenting websites. Right up there with the grand breastfeeding vs. formula debate is sleep, and more specifically, sleep training. I’ve talked about my problem with certain methods of sleep training before, so I won’t rehash things. In the grand…

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