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Cloth Nappies: 6 Months On

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Some of you may recall that back in June I worked out the cost of disposable nappies: how much we’d spent in the first 6 months and how much we’d spend if we carried on using them. I played around with some different types of cloth nappies and quickly considered myself converted.

Although I’ve spent about £200 on cloth nappies — which is more than the predicted 6 month cost of disposables — we have a stash of around 20 Bumgenius v3s, 3 FuzziBunz one-size for night-use (the fleece inner allows moisture to quickly ‘drain’ into the inserts and then dries for a more comfortable baby), and an ’emergency’ drawer of terries and OneLife for between washes (2 per week) if needed. Unlike disposables, however, these nappies are ‘birth to potty’, which means they should last until Isabel is ready to potty train (which could be another 2-3 years away). Of course, they can also be saved for possible future bab[y/ies]…

Considering how big a cynic I was about the whole cloth nappy deal, I am definitely a big convert. The savings over time will be in the hundreds, and it’s been so easy to fit a few nappy washes into our domestic ‘routine’ that I don’t consider them to have a time-cost at all. They look adorable too! :D

This morning I have ordered a trial pack of BumGenius v4s and a couple more FuzziBunz (because they were a) pretty and b) on sale) from Fill Your Pants. The prices for both were the cheapest I could find when I searched, and I managed to get an extra discount of 10% off by reviewing an existing product. (BARGAIN!) The advantage of trialling the v4s is that you get a wet bag with the nappies which I need for when Isabel starts nursery. I’ve just had a mail to say these have been despatched already, too.

All-in, money well spent. :)

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  1. Mumblies said:

    From someone that detested disposable nappies and stubbornly used old fashioned terry nappies for all 6 of my babies I have to admit that I am in awe of these new (to me at least) pre-shaped bum genius etc nappies. Having had the chance to use these too on Isabel I am really happy to say how much simpler nappy changes are with them. Because they are shaped to fit and close with a simple press stud fastening they are in my opinion far easier and faster (safer too) to use than conventional terry nappies. If I were expecting a baby now I would most definitely go for these over the plain squares I’ve used in the past.

  2. Cori said:

    I want to do cloth diapering. I can only imagine how much we’ve spent on Claire’s disposable diapers in the last 11 months and 8 days. And we’ve got another baby due in 2.5 weeks! But I honestly don’t know where to start. There’s so much out there, I just need to make the commitment and buy some and save myself the huge amount of money over time.

  3. Faith said:

    Holy kittycrap, are you a mom now? Where the hell have I been? See, I lost touch with so much when I left Snark and the blogging world at large, lol. Late congrats, honey! *major hugs* :)

  4. Doodlemum said:

    I’ve used cloth on all three of my little bottoms. Been the best money saver I can tell you. I’ve used pre-folds and shaped. My fav has to be tots bots, their wraps will not let a nuclear explosion though…..
    Motherease wraps are good too.
    Don’t get on with fleece liners, my lot have a habit of weeing out the sides…I use the flushable liners.
    Happy nappies I call them! I love a fluffy bum, much nicer putting out your rubbish with no smellies in too.

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