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Oh Bugger

 |  Misc, Parenting

Why is it that when I’m away from the computer I can formulate hundreds of blog entries in my head but the second I sit down to write anything, it all pours away? Buggery. I guess with the lack of anything inspirational or witty to say I should probably update you all on what’s going on around here…

Things are finally starting to calm down. My course module is finished, and I’m waiting on the results. I have a feeling that due to ‘external pressure’ (i.e. juggling work work, home work and a baby) I’ll have failed this one, but I’m hoping that I’ve scraped enough to qualify for the free re-sit.

Isabel is growing in so many ways, but it’s so subtle it’s hard to describe it. For example, the other day she was waving a book at me so I said “bring me the book” … and she did! And that sounds so mundane and ordinary written down, but it means she’s taking in and understanding more and more. I hadn’t given it much thought when I said the sentence… normally I’d just pick her and the book up in those situations so it was very spur of the moment. Anyway, she recognises so many things now. She identifies body parts, knows certain words like ‘car’, ‘cat’ etc. She will “blow” her nose if you offer a tissue or muslin and say ‘nose’. She walks if she’s not thinking about it, but as soon as she realises what she’s doing she sits down or starts crawling. I’m missing out so many things here but there’s only so much time in the day and I can’t gush about her all night :)

No work until Tues 4th Jan now, which is a nice break, albeit just building up to a big deadline when I go back. I’d been working on a big big WordPress project which has introduced me to plugin building (I’ve only ever done basic widgety stuff before). This of course is endearing me to WordPress, which is never a good thing… it’s only ever lead to trouble before and I do love Habari. Sigh.

The cats are mostly a pain in my ass for one reason or another, but that’s not entirely their fault. Isabel loves them, though. I shall get around to taking pictures of them at some point. Crumble has grown, although I couldn’t really see it until I started looking at some of the pictures from mid-year.

I guess at some point I should considering writing a “things that happened this year” post, but thinking back it was fairly quiet and uneventful compared to previous. We didn’t move. Nobody killed anyone. We gained a cat. The baby grew some. I think that’s about it? Oops, guess there’s no need to write that post now then. I wonder what 2011 will bring…

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5 comments so far

  1. Val Garner said:

    Don’t you have that when you sit down to write and it goes blank? I try to write notes when ideas hit me in real life because it always happens to me.

    The mundane, really are not mundane at all when it comes to a child growing. Enjoy each of these treasured milestones, they only come once!

  2. Stephanie said:

    Aww… glad to see that things are getting better and that you have a break!

    I have to "have an idea for a post" several times, before I’ll remember it when I sit down at my computer.

  3. Vera said:

    I the same way with blogging. While at work, I’d suddenly get 3-4 ideas on what to write, but as soon as I get home and sit down to type it out, I either forgot what I was going to say, or find the topic stupid. :P

    Actually what you said about Isabel bringing you the book does sound amazing. Though to me it still feels weird that you’re a full-fledged mummy. You’ve been Jem the "who made you queen" for so long. :P

    And WP plugin development is fun. Though I find it a bit frustrating: just when I’m read to put it online, I read some better practice and then procrastinate changing my code to suit that practice :P

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