Too busy to blog here

But I did write a bit of a ranty post over at WAHMweb (on “having it all”) if you’re bored… I would say beware of swear words but if you read this blog you’re probably used to it by now. P.s. I’d quite like a full night’s sleep for Christmas, if anyone wants to ply… read more →

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Well I cocked that up

So much for NaBloPoMo. Oliver’s poorly, and that threw me for six over the weekend (honest guv) because he was un-put-down-able. You know, as kids do when they’re full of snot and all gross and sticky. Normal service will resume tomorrow. Maybe.… read more →

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Izzy’s Pictures

Earlier on this year I saw a Travel Supermarket competition being mentioned on twitter – Kids Capture the Colour. The basic gist is that parent bloggers enter, get sent a camera, get their kids to take some pics and then someone votes on some based on the colours or something. I admit I only entered… read more →

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Thoughts on #revolutionconf

I went to my first ever web conference today. I know, working on/with the web for over 10 years and it’s taking me this long to get out and meet people! I met some fantastic, funny and smart people, not to mention some friends who I’ve been talking to online for as long as I… read more →

Running, Camping and Other Disasters Pt.2

Running Good news – the pelvic pain hasn’t made an appearance this week! I was a little worried I’d have to stop before I’ve even started but I think (hope) it was just a nod from the bits affected by SPD in pregnancy .. a “hello, so glad we’re being used again”!? I managed 2.5… read more →

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Running, Camping and Other Disasters

Running Turns out I still quite like running :D I’m not sure I’m any good at it mind you. Doc said start at 20 mins per day and work up, but I’ve only managed to crack 10 minutes in my 2 runs so far this week (#3 tonight all being well). I don’t know whether… read more →

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The Important Things

Karl has taken the kids out for a few hours so that I can get some work done, so I’ve started with the important things: Had a wee in peace Had a hot cup of coffee & had bacon sarnie all to myself. (I’ve also emptied and scrubbed the bin, done the dishwasher / washed… read more →

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Bla bla bla

This weekend marks the first of a 6 week break for summer and since Izz went down to 3 day term-time only nursery this means that I’ll actually have to parent two children full time for more than a few days. Oh, and do my share of the housework and build my web empire at… read more →

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Birthday, Budgeting and Business

Oliver turned 1 last week, and Karl and I took a week off work each to celebrate. We didn’t do much, just spending time together, in the garden, that sort of thing. Had a birthday BBQ with family this weekend to celebrate and managed to spend half the day on the loo and the other… read more →