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Izzy’s Pictures

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Earlier on this year I saw a Travel Supermarket competition being mentioned on twitter – Kids Capture the Colour. The basic gist is that parent bloggers enter, get sent a camera, get their kids to take some pics and then someone votes on some based on the colours or something. I admit I only entered on the off chance we’d get a free camera thinking we’d not get selected, but then we actually got one and Izzy thought it was great and promptly went around taking hundreds of pictures, most of which are blurred or feature me in my pyjamas which have now been deleted (of course).

There were some good ones (good being defined as “subject visible, not too blurry”) in there though, so without further ado, here’s a selection of Isabel’s pictures from over the summer:


Pink tractor
Pink tractor
Playing in the garden
Playing in the garden
Flymo mid leap
Flymo mid leap (before the shed went up)

And, Isabel’s official entries (minus white because she didn’t really get any white things), which we’re supposed to explain the stories behind but honestly for the vast majority I don’t have a clue.

Entry for blue: 'lovely sky'
Entry for blue: ‘lovely sky’
Entry for yellow: 'bedroom wall'
Entry for yellow: ‘bedroom wall’

This one was taken at the Shrewsbury Steam Rally, but as she spent all day stropping and whinging, it’s probably best I don’t give you a backstory on it:

Entry for red(ish): 'steam engine'
Entry for red(ish): ‘steam engine’
Entry for green: 'guinea pigs on grass'
Entry for green: ‘guinea pigs on grass’

You can see other’s entries to the competition on the #kidsctc hashtag.

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6 comments so far

    • Jem said:

      More luck than judgement, plus the camera has a fairly good stabilisation thing. She is a few weeks off 4 though – not exactly a baby any more :)

  1. Liz said:

    The bunny one is really good! A lot of these are, but the bunny capture is my fave. That’s a pretty cool contest idea. :) What kind of camera was it?

  2. Mumblies said:

    I can confirm that having seen the speed and agility with which Izz knows her way around a mobile phone (I felt such a berk) showing me the pictures on it and how to swipe left and right, enlarging etc fair put me to shame. She knows how to use a mobile phone way better than I can so I can confirm these pics are taken by her and not Jem :)

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