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…how I spend most days with a million and one things to write about, and when I get 5 minutes to write them down my head empties and all I can think to write about is a single solitary “bugger.”

 |  Misc

Dairy Free

Excuse typos, blogging from my phone. It’s now over a week since I went dairy free to see if it would improve Oliver’s mood / sleep / digestion. Since then: # Oliver is sleeping better. # We’ve not had any night-long screaming. # We’re seeing…

 |  Misc, Personal


I’m sat here with Isabel making noises in my face, a half-naked baby under my chair, two work projects several months behind for various reasons, another couple due to start any day now and an ever-increasing portfolio of websites in various stages of completion. I’ve…

 |  Misc

The Royal Baby

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are apparently expecting a baby; Kate Middleton has been admitted to hospital with “acute morning sickness”. I wasn’t going to post, ’cause everyone’s talking about it at the minute and I’m not one to jump on moving bandwagon generally,…

 |  Misc


I’ve been working on this during every spare moment since my Scrap or Save post… Unfortunately, what with Oliver’s ridiculous sleep habits of late and an abundance of work, spare moments have been few and far between. I’ve been snatching time which would otherwise be…

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