Comfort Shopping

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I realised yesterday that I’ve been comfort spending over the past few weeks.

It’s somewhat ironic that a shopping hater would reach out to shopping to fill a gap where my sanity once was, but I guess it’s easy to click your mouse button a few times when you compare it packing a toddler and baby into the car, driving to the shops, herding the toddler and baby into a shop, try and find what you want whilst preventing the toddler from getting sticky fingerprints on the shop goods, pick out the item and get it to the checkout to pay before the inevitable boredom tantrum sets in (toddler, not me ;D)

Except that it’s not all been online purchases anyway. Silly extra purchases at Tesco are adding up again; going in to buy a loaf of bread and spending just shy of £20, buying a box of chocolates “just because”, splurging on pizza because I can’t be bothered to cook. The budget is slipping.

I blame stress (saves me having to take responsibility, you see). Trying to juggle a little girl who’s suddenly realised that Oliver is here to stay and is regressing to babyhood: extra cuddles, wanting to sit in the highchair (we fished it out so that the novelty of it being there would wear off before it’s actually needed), wanting bottles and dummies despite never having had either (thanks, nursery); then there’s the increasing pressure to work & earn whilst juggling housework and a teething, grumpy baby; fast-approaching holiday requiring organisation and £££; lack of sleep… the list of excuses is endless.

I’ve mostly bought things that will actually be used, like more clothes for fat baby Oliver and a kettle that works and doesn’t take an hour or so to boil. But there’s also the extra nappies that weren’t really necessary, the ring sling that will get used but I could have lived without, the cute sleepsuits that were twice the price of a second hand bundle from ebay… you get the picture.

Still, Karl’s mum has paid for us all to go to Wales this weekend so it’ll be a good opportunity to have a break and get away from my screen. When I get back I need to sort through the various purchases and clutter, sell stuff off to get money coming back in, then it’s back to budgeting big time!

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  1. mumblies said:

    Personally I think you worry far too much about penny pinching and trying to live your life as frugally as you can. Yes obviously you do need to keep an eye on things as you have at present somewhat limited funds with you having taken the plunge and gone self employed but I’m sure that you will eventually get back into the green and be able to relax some.

    I don’t think buying either yourself or Karl/kids a treat will break your bank balances or leave you both begging on the streets for pennies. You both have a sound head for savings and common sense enough to be able to live a little too.

    The tantrums and stubborn outbursts from Iz are normal, all elder children voice their annoyance at being no longer the only child in the house in varying ways and this is her way of sulking and seeking attention, even being told off is attention to her but she will get over it eventually and start behaving how she used to before
    Ollie came along.

    You all need a break from the norm and heading off to the seaside will do you all the world of good, even if the weather isn’t hot and sunny everyone will benefit from some down time.

  2. Aisling said:

    I am a perpetual comfort shopper. I’ve been pretty good lately, I think. Mainly because I am hording all my money into an account. The surly post office man probably misses me coming in to pick up a package every week, poor man. And the UPS woman hasn’t visited our office with a treat for me in ages. But then… I am just waiting for my new $700 iPhone to ship, even though my 3GS is fine. :( And often when I am in Heavy Saving Mode instead of buying things for myself I just buy lots of gifts for others, haha. I love shopping.

    Your buying a kettle reminds me that my work has a kettle now so I should buy a tea pot. So… yup. WELCOME TO MY LIFE.

    In all seriousness, I’m sure you’re like me and save more than enough by normal people standards, but just always feel like you could be saving more. But we need to splurge once in a while. And hey, I don’t even cook for myself most days and I’m one person, so if you’re buying pizza after working all day, taking care of two kids, etc then GO FOR IT. :P

  3. Stephanie said:

    I’d have to agree with your mom. The things that you mention as “comfort shopping” do not seem like most of the comfort shopping I read about on other people’s blogs. I’m sure that you know when too much spending is too much, and am absolutely sure that you won’t go there. But I was always told that spending a few dollars to make my life a bit easier and less stressful was always worth it.