The Important Things

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bacon-sarnieKarl has taken the kids out for a few hours so that I can get some work done, so I’ve started with the important things:

  1. Had a wee in peace
  2. Had a hot cup of coffee
  3. & had bacon sarnie all to myself.

(I’ve also emptied and scrubbed the bin, done the dishwasher / washed the bits that wouldn’t fit, scrubbed the sides and put away some dishes. It’s amazing what you can fit in half an hour when there’s no kids underfoot.)

I suppose I should actually do some work now, though…

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  1. Emsz said:

    Ah, the art of procrastination :P If you’re not careful the Karl and the kids will be back before you know it, and you’ll have done no work ;)

  2. Mumblies said:

    Work? How about we pop over with a huge bowl of cherries freshly picked off the tree and you make them into a lovely cherry pie later. I’ll trade the cherries for a cuppa

  3. Emma said:

    I know what you mean. My little girl has recently started play school 2 mornings a week and wow, do I get so much done! Emptied the garage this morning and took two car fulls to the recycling centre. Feel very pleased with myself!