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In Blog Limbo

I am in the unfortunate position of being in “blog limbo”. Despite vowing many moons ago never to become a mommy blogger, it became obvious roughly, oooh, 18 months ago that I was a big fat hypocrite and soon to break my one blogging rule. And, while I like to think I put my own… read more →

I Missed

…’s 9th birthday, on the 29th April. I don’t think I’ve missed the anniversary of my domain’s birth (ha) in years. :(… read more →

I Blew It

Aye, there goes my posting-every-day. (Although hopefully I can pick it back up again.) Isabel came down, very suddenly, with some sort of virus yesterday. She spent the majority of the day sleeping on me or nursing. By the time I’d finally got her down for the evening I was knackered and just wanted to… read more →

Crappy Facebook “Like” Bug

I finally got round to tweaking my sidebar and bringing individual sidebars for posts back (with just related posts for now, but with more post info coming soon). Anyway, I also added a Facebook like button as a temporary thing until I re-code the original share buttons I had, only to find my logs ram-packed… read more →

Why I Still Hate Mommy Bloggers

I hate mommy bloggers. There, I said it. I think now I’m a mommy / mummy / mom / mum / mama (delete as appropriate) it’s probably inappropriate for me to comment on the phenomena that is ‘mommy blogging’ (and I use the American term because it’s what most people refer to it as, not… read more →

Cheeky Favour, Please

Can y’all do me a favour? If you’re still linking to either tutorialtastic or on your website(s), can you please update the links to point to GirlsWhoGeek? Hoping to push out a few updates over the next week and I want to maximise the potential traffic to the new stuff. Of course, if you… read more →

End of an Era, a New Beginning

Tutorialtastic is closing today. Closing, gone. After 8 years of hardy service to you, the blogger, the developer, the web hobbyist. Don’t cry, my sweets, for where one door closes another duly opens… It has taken nearly THREE years to get to this point (albeit delayed due to pregnancy, sickness, babies, life, work, etc). Three… read more →

Thank you Google, you twat

So, if you’d not noticed already, I converted my blog to WordPress yesterday. I know, I know, I told WordPress to suck my balls. Apparently things change, not least because of a half-dead install of Habari thanks to me installing an unstable night-release (don’t ask why, I don’t know). It was actually quicker to migrate… read more →

Handy WordPress Dev Stuff

I recently mentioned some bespoke WordPress plugin development I was doing for a work client; I have a few links I saved at the time which helped me build in styles using built-in WordPress classes, as well as functions / hooks / etc which made my life easier. I thought they may be of use… read more →