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I Poke #breastfeeding Trolls

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Yep, it’s my not-so-secret pastime. The equivalent of pounding on a stress ball when I’m in a shitty mood.

You see, when Isabel was much smaller I did some searching on twitter for “breastfeeding” in the hope that I’d find some fellow nursing mums to get support if I needed it. This worked well, and I added a few likeminded folk to my following list.

When @RainbowLights came out with her ignorant bullshit about public nursing, and I called her a twat, I suddenly gained a load of new momma followers who were nursing or had nursed their babies. It occurred to me that they probably found me because of my twitter response (in which I declared an unofficial breastfeeding day and tweeted non-stop about nursing, hehe)

Anyway… at some point in time negative breastfeeding tweets started creeping in. Grown men (and the occasional woman) shouting “omg some woman is feeding her baby in public!” … some creeps even going so far as taking pictures of it without permission; idiots spreading misinformation about routines and ‘the perfect diet’; marketing tweets about the products you MUST have to succeed at breastfeeding; etc etc.

When I noticed a couple of my momma followers responding to the trolls, I felt my heart skip a beat a little. It was like website drama only about boobs! Woohoo :) So I joined in. I correct misinformation. I challenge ignorant tossers to open their minds to why women are breastfeeding. I poke fun at women with their tits hanging out in their avatars who have the gall to mock nursing in public. I poke the trolls… and I like it.

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  1. Kristine said:

    I personally don’t understand why people get so offended by public breastfeeding. It’s only natural for the mother to feed the child with her own milk whether or not it is done out in public. No one should be bothered by that.

    I’m not a mother yet, but I’ve got a question out of curiosity. I know Isabel turned one a couple of months ago, so she’s probably still being breastfed… But when is time for the mother to have to stop breastfeeding their child?

  2. Katherine said:

    Hey fellow bee!

    I’ve been reading some of your entries on the subject of breast feeding, this isn’t so much on the subject of breast milk vs. formula (Because I’m not an ignorant git, of course breast milk is the best choice for babies). My question is geared in a different direction and I hope you would be willing to bring this particular subject to light for me and give me a bit more understanding.

    I’m not big on breastfeeding in public personally. (For example, a woman just pulling up her shirt and latching a baby on and displaying her breasts in a public area), I am however fine with women who block the view of breastfeeding with something like a baby blanket. (I just don’t want to see boobies in the middle of my dinner is all, I’m not trying to be mean to nursing mothers or anything like that).

    My question is, I know that there are breast pumps, and I’m aware of women who use pumps to fill bottles and feed their babies breast milk in that way. Does refrigerating breast milk detract from the… well… nutritional value of the milk in some way? If not, why don’t more women use the bottle method to breastfeed in public?

    Again, I’m not trying to be mean, I’m merely curious. I don’t have children (or have any intention of having any), so I don’t read up on these things.

  3. Jem said:

    @Kristine: "But when is time for the mother to have to stop breastfeeding their child?"
    The World Health Organisation recommend 6 months exclusively, then for a minimum of 2 years (and beyond as long as is mutually ‘wanted’) alongside complementary foods. The benefits of breast milk never stop, so it’s basically up to the mum and kid. Worldwide the average age of weaning is around 4.

    @Katherine: "I just don’t want to see boobies in the middle of my dinner is all"
    So don’t look. Unless the woman is stood in front of you waving her boobs in your face, I don’t see why you can’t just look the other way. I don’t want to see fat asses falling out the back of skinny jeans, people chewing gum, ugg boots, children wearing clothes branded "sexy", bad teeth… oh god, the list is endless… but these things don’t harm me so I look the other way.

    "Does refrigerating breast milk detract from the… well… nutritional value of the milk in some way?"
    Not that I’m aware of.

    "If not, why don’t more women use the bottle method to breastfeed in public?"
    a) not all breastfed babies will take bottles
    b) not all mums can ‘let down’ for the pump (no let down, you get no milk)
    c) pumping can be painful, is hard work and takes a significant amount of time
    d) because it requires two different actions to bottle and breastfeed, giving a baby who is breastfed a bottle can result in "nipple confusion"/"nipple preference" – i.e. they then only want bottles instead of the breast
    e) bottlefeeding can easily result in overfeeding
    f) because breast pumps are not as efficient as a baby at suckling, it may require several pumping sessions to get enough for one feed
    g) most importantly, because the comfort and nutrition of a baby is more important than the comfort of ignorant strangers :)

  4. Mumblies said:

    I’m chuffed.
    That my daughter in law breastfed both her babies for a long time.
    That my daughter chose to feed her baby the way nature intended and knowing that she will continue to do so for as long as her baby wants.
    That my daughter has the mettle to stand up to the incredibly nasty comments that have been aimed at her re: the whole breastfeeding business.
    That my daughter has continually put her baby before her own needs (and Karls who deserves a medal too for his patience and support), and has willingly sacrificed countless thousands of hours to ensure her child gets the best start in life she can.
    That despite the fact that the NHS tends, despite it’s claims of being supportive towards breastfeeders in general they in fact are pretty damned useless to those that wish to and sadly most Doctors and health workers in fact will leap to suggest that you stop breastfeeding at the slightest suggestion of difficulty or a problem arises instead of giving the support and continuing to be supportive after the problem has been solved.

    I am so proud of my girls :) and their babies too.

  5. Kitty said:

    Hello Jem,

    Long time fan of your site. I applaud you and the others for standing up to the trolls. I am a mother of four healthy beautiful girls that I breastfed from the day they were born.

  6. Jenn said:

    So I was reading this in passing and first of all, LOL!! Are you really trolling twitter? Ha ha! I guess since you drop your kid off at nursery now you have AMPLE time to set the world straight regarding mandatory breastfeeding. Secondly, I hope your fucking cunt kid doesn’t inherit your diction, despite the fact that I find nothing classier than a mom holding a screaming kid swearing up a storm at people who don’t care for the crying in public. I think you are the first person ever in history to successfully give birth to a child and the rest of the world should recognize this and respect your prowess. Your rant about how it’s all natural makes me wonder if you opted for all natural childbirth as well. As to people who do not breastfeed, while I don’t see them as the spawn of satan, the state should DEFINITELY look in to taking their children! And all you mom’s lifting your shirt and breastfeeding in public, I think you should take pictures and put them on the internet, and charge fees for people to look at the pictures, and maybe you could do live feeds at 9.99 per minute! Then you could donate money to the mothers in Africa so they can afford proper nutrition so that they CAN breast feed and not need formula! I’m pretty sure you could feed the world with your boobs!

  7. Anna said:

    Makes me cross that people get worked up at mums feeding their babies in public, that what are boobs are for, really worked up and I didn’t do it….tried and failed. Just wanted to say that anyone reading this that didn’t breast feed and has huge guilt pangs…all is ok. My eldest is 14 years, straight A student and healthy as are my other 2 ( tho not quite grade A’s!!!). Point is, you must do what is right for you and sod what other people say.

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