Why I Still Hate Mommy Bloggers

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I hate mommy bloggers. There, I said it.

I think now I’m a mommy / mummy / mom / mum / mama (delete as appropriate) it’s probably inappropriate for me to comment on the phenomena that is ‘mommy blogging’ (and I use the American term because it’s what most people refer to it as, not because I’m suggesting the British equivalent — mummy blogging — is any way different). Still, I’ve never been one to hold back comment for fear of the backlash, so I’m not about to start now.

My distaste for this section of the blogosphere originally stems from PayPerPost and PPPers. It’s not an issue I come across as often these days, but rewind 2-3 years and blatant spamvertising was the bedrock of what seemed like the majority of mom bloggers. They were either in the game specifically to try and make money, or had overhauled otherwise mediocre (yet inoffensive) weblogs to reap the supposed rewards of paid-for-reviews and faux-articles.

Thankfully the whole “PPP” world is less prevalent these days (or I’m not reading the blogs still involved?) Still, it doesn’t stop those on the money-for-nothing bandwagon harping on at industry and retailers to give them free stuff to review. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t object to product reviews (or free things), but there’s only so many times I can read “I received PRODUCT-X! It was great! I would buy it!” Er, no you wouldn’t you jammy twat, that’s why you asked for free shit in the first place.

In the same vein (and normally the same people) are those who think that because they have received a few products or been paid for a few reviews, that they have some sort of power over either a) manufacturers or b) bloggers. Let’s face it, you’re not Dooce, love.

Am I over-generalising? Picking on a small minority? Pining for the days when blogs were more like journals and less like advertorials? Yes, probably. They’re still fucking annoying though.

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  1. Georgina said:

    I have a whole other domain for PPP stuff. It was my old Tumblr account, but since I wanted to clean that out and start afresh, I figured I’d put the domain to good use to get more money.

    I don’t think it’s a terrific idea to mix advertising with personal blogs; the occasional link is okay but some people definitely PPP-whore it out. I don’t blame you; it’s not just the case with mummy blogs. I mean, I definitely keep bullshitting in my PPP posts just advertising the websites I’ve been assigned… but at least no one really has to see it. :P

  2. Thatpigeonone said:

    Couldn’t agree more! I know of someone just like this.

    I find worse those mothers who are desperate to become Internet slebs and blog accordingly. They usually end up desperately reviewing products and discussing how wonderful their tits are and their latest spa pampering session. Vacuous bints!

    Don’t even get me started on Brits using mommy… Although it seems some regional dialects claim to have used the phrase for generations. Got me a bollocking for daring to say they were using an Americanism.

  3. Roxanne said:

    I hear you and agree, but I also know it’s not just the “mommy bloggers” fault. I worked for a breastfeeding clothing company and we mostly sought out who we wanted to review the merchandise. Never did someone ask us to do a review in exchange for the free goodies. It was a win win, we got free advertisement and they got free clothing. That’s how it usually works.

  4. Kalliste said:

    I did paid blog posts a few years back, when my PR was something more than 0 :D
    Back then I didn’t mind seeing them because I knew people (and me) were getting paid decently for them. Now, you probably see them less because they pay as little as $0.50 for a 200 word post with 5 links.

    Paid posts aren’t my issue with Mummy bloggers. It is the incredible amount of ads and pop-ups they have. Their sites aren’t interesting enough to warrant that kind of assault.

  5. Ang said:

    On the plus side, it’s a really quick way to go from “hey maybe I’ll like reading this person regularly…” to “this isn’t a person I would give the time of day to.” Close tab, never think of again. Next!

  6. Meggan said:

    Ha, nice SEO-plus-instant-controversy title on this, Jem. :P I don’t think you specifically dislike “mommy bloggers” – you dislike blogs by moms who do PPP and/or reviews. If you disliked “mommy blogging” itself (and by that I mean talking about your kid) you’d have to dislike your own blog. (And mine, and the grumbles, etc.) (Or maybe you do?!)

    I can think of two specific blogs that I used to read and enjoy that I no longer frequent because of paid posts and/or reviews. I enjoy a well-thought out review post on occasion, but when it’s every third entry and you have so many contests and giveaways and whatnot going on that I can’t keep them straight, I start staying away.

    Basically, I don’t think it’s exclusive to mommy bloggers and from the sounds of it, I don’t think “mommy blogging” is your point of contention. It’s the PPP/reviews and junk vs well-crafted legitimate entries.

  7. Jem said:

    I thought my post made that point fairly clear ;P Unfortunately “I hate mommy bloggers who whore themselves out for the sake of free products” was too long a title this time.

  8. Rose said:

    Oh man, I know who THIS made me think of… The same person I joked about on my blog when talking about a PPP advertising vaseline, of all things.

    I’m ok with PPP, but only if they’re done super super well. Which is pretty much never. Dooce does a good job. That’s about it.

  9. Marie said:

    Advertising and personal blogs just don’t mix. Ever. It’s like saying you’d walk around with a big wooden advertising sign strapped to your body in your own house, for the right amount of money. It takes the personality right out of something that should be personal.

    And I’m not sure if the area of the US I’m from is a bit odd but we say/write it “mum/ mummy” here too.

  10. Pam said:

    I completely agree with Marie that “Advertising and personal blogs just don’t mix.” Unless it’s someone I really like I’ll stop reading their site if there are ads start showing up all over their site or it seems like they’re endorsing products to get things for free or whatever.

    And, I really hate the words “mommy bloggers”; I cringe every time I hear those two words together. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of Dooce but I do like her photos and her design style.

  11. Louise said:

    @Thatpigeonone The Forest of Dean and the Midlands use “mommy” a lot. I always thought it was a Forester thing to be honest. They’ve always used “mommy”.

  12. Tanya said:

    The same blogs always seem to give the free products they’ve been given 4/5 stars as a minimum, making the reviews completely useless and really winding me up when they feature a product I would consider buying. :(

  13. Angie Stevens / Doodlemum said:

    I’m going to sound really naive but I had no idea you could do this when I started blogging. I’ve been approached recently but It’s not what its about for me. Sick of advertising on the telly, dont want it anywhere near my drawings thank you very much.