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Secret Hobby

I secretly read the mumsnet bloggers forum on a weekly basis. It’s not ’cause I want to join (meh, everyone knows the only people these networks really benefit are the people running them) but because watching the stream of “how do I?” / “I’ve just discovered X [that has been around for years]” / “I… read more →

On “Mommy Wars”

So, I’m reading this post where one mum rants about the reaction another mum got for admitting she’s letting her kid “CIO” (cry it out). I’ve talked about CIO and sleep training before, you know I don’t like it, so I won’t go over old ground. However, as Isabel gets older I am becoming more… read more →


I got called a mommy blogger yesterday. Ouch. It was a harmless remark, included in an otherwise genuine question, not intended to offend. And yet nearly 24 hours later I’m still thinking about it. I guess what bothers me the most, aside from my distaste for the “PPP” / sponsored posts crap that most ‘mommy… read more →

Useful (cool) icon finding site

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to find some obscure UK debit card icon, or a certain size of twitter icon (whatever) for work… I have an Icons folder for saving sets that I probably wouldn’t be able to find easily again: (Like my desktop wallpaper? It’s from vladstudio) And yet all… read more →

Weirdass Search Term

Someone just (about an hour ago) found my site by googling: how to deal with random people on the streets and everywhere that bully; for example like sticking their tongues out at you and fidgeting WTF?… read more →

Pants: Inked By Erin

To help soothe the disappointment of my lost Pantsing opportunity, I went to and did eenie meenie on the websites page. Lo, my cursor fell on Inked By Erin, which is quite a nice coincidence given our history. Fancy that. Erin is currently sporting a layout with some chick I recognise from Alice in… read more →

Cashback Revolution

Shit that sounds cheesy, I must have picked that line up from an advert or something? So I joined some cashback sites. Or rather, I started using the cashback sites I signed up to AGES ago. For those not aware, the general idea is that you click through these sites to retailers, which by the… read more →

Google is Watching You

Call me naive, but I’ve always been fairly blasé about online privacy. Aside from not publishing any photos showing my face, I take no real steps towards hiding my identity. You could probably find out my entire life history—including past addresses, education and employment details—with a little nifty Googling and some lightweight stalking. Why, then,… read more →