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Anything and everything vaguely internet related. Blogging, industry, social media: if you can find it online, I've talked about it in here.

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Secret Hobby

I secretly read the mumsnet bloggers forum on a weekly basis. It’s not ’cause I want to join (meh, everyone knows the only people these networks really benefit are the people running them) but because watching the stream of “how do I?” / “I’ve just…

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I got called a mommy blogger yesterday. Ouch. It was a harmless remark, included in an otherwise genuine question, not intended to offend. And yet nearly 24 hours later I’m still thinking about it. I guess what bothers me the most, aside from my distaste…

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Cashback Revolution

Shit that sounds cheesy, I must have picked that line up from an advert or something? So I joined some cashback sites. Or rather, I started using the cashback sites I signed up to AGES ago. For those not aware, the general idea is that…

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Google is Watching You

Call me naive, but I’ve always been fairly blasé about online privacy. Aside from not publishing any photos showing my face, I take no real steps towards hiding my identity. You could probably find out my entire life history—including past addresses, education and employment details—with…

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