I Blew It

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Aye, there goes my posting-every-day. (Although hopefully I can pick it back up again.)

Isabel came down, very suddenly, with some sort of virus yesterday. She spent the majority of the day sleeping on me or nursing. By the time I’d finally got her down for the evening I was knackered and just wanted to sleep, so didn’t feel inclined to blog. Been off work looking after her today too, although she seems to have perked up a bit this afternoon.

I guess this answers the question “is there anything more important than the interwebs?” ;p

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  1. Mumblies said:

    Life does sometimes throw a curve ball at us, I am sure nobody will berate you for not posting every single day. Hope you both feel better soon. *hugs* x

  2. Kerry said:

    I’m sure you can be forgiven for missing one day. :P

    I hope Isabel gets better quickly. There’s nothing worse than seeing a sick child and knowing that you can’t do anything to help them.

  3. Vera said:

    Awww I’m so sorry. Hopefully Isabel’ll feel better soon.
    Frankly I admire you for managing to work up the drive for this. I just kept telling myself that I should do it… maybe…

  4. Tim said:

    You missed one day?! I think that is a lofty goal, but you can drive yourself nuts trying to reach it. The internet has this never ending appetite for material and you just can’t satisfy it. You will never “win”.

    I think it is more important to post interesting content, which comes from your life experiences. Some that you may miss if you have to post every day.

  5. echo said:

    Cut yourself some slack! There is definitely more to life than the Internet and of course you can be forgiven for missing a day here or there. I hope Isabel is feeling better now…