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Why are people idolising this picture?

I have seen this picture doing the rounds on Facebook recently, mostly among parents who hail it as the right kind of thinking, not sexist, none of this “boys is blue, girls is pink” crap (which ironically LEGO embrace these days, sigh): Now, don’t get me wrong, I like LEGO & I’ve talked about how… read more →

How not to do blogger outreach

I think I’ve probably mentioned before that I get a lot of PR / “blogger outreach” emails. There’s something about having squeezed a baby out of your nethers that makes companies think you’re happy to hawk their wares. Most of these mails go straight to the bin. Either they’re generic “hi pls link our product”… read more →

Free Our Kids project

I’ve been watching the Free Our Kids project with some interest over the past few weeks and my feelings are a mixture of ‘hoorah’ (for the effort) and a smug ‘so what?!’ I don’t mean to be smug, really. I am genuinely interested in what Harriet is trying to do, but overwhelmingly I feel like… read more →

That time of year…

I know when cold and flu season is approaching for one rather unique reason… Hits to a rather, er.. “interesting” old post of mine fly through the roof. I have to say, if men suffer from sore testicles when they get a cold, it’s no wonder they moan so much. I can’t imagine that’s much… read more →

Update on Jamie Timbre

Following on from my post on Jamie Timbre’s fraudulent attempts to sell tickets to seminars that don’t exist I have a few updates. I’ve officially lost count of how many fake profiles are associated with Timbre’s fan page. Thankfully, Facebook is fantastic at removing them as soon as they’re reported (hence lots of broken links… read more →

Jamie Timbre is a Grade A Fraud

In July 2007 I outed Jamie Timbre for conning hosting customers out of hundreds of dollars by claiming they owed charges on DDOS attempts that had never happened, e-mail spam that was not the customer’s problem, etc. Shortly after, Timbre shut down his hosting ‘business’. Fast forward to 2012 and I receive an e-mail from… read more →

Tots100, Nofollow and Hypocrisy

This afternoon, I ended up on ‘Bloggers didn’t Come Down in the Last Shower‘, a post by blogger Sally deriding SEOs for their approach to bloggers, PR and paid links. Sally has a problem with PR/SEO types who disguise their intentions or outright lie about the potential damage to blogger’s search engine rankings caused by… read more →

Why are Mummy Blogs so Ugly?

I know, it’s true, I probably announced at one stage that I’d never read ‘proper’ mummy blogs (or blogs written by mums, whichever way you look at it). I also said I’d never talk about poo, and look how that turned out. Here is my confession: I, queen of the hypocrites, am a champion “mom… read more →

Jemjabella is 10!

And what a weird thought to contemplate, blogging ‘here’ for 10 years. It’s almost bittersweet, because of late I’ve been hiding away from the bloggy world. A combination of continuous workload + raising a toddler has taken its toll on my time and inspiration, but actually, the real cause of my ‘disappearance’ has been the… read more →