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Update on Jamie Timbre

 |  Interwebs

Following on from my post on Jamie Timbre’s fraudulent attempts to sell tickets to seminars that don’t exist I have a few updates.

  • I’ve officially lost count of how many fake profiles are associated with Timbre’s fan page. Thankfully, Facebook is fantastic at removing them as soon as they’re reported (hence lots of broken links in my first post)
  • I’m not the first to call Jamie out on this; see this comment from another school acquaintance
  • We have independent confirmation that Jamie does not work at Microsoft / has never done a show for the radio station “New York’s Z100” (sent via email):

    I read your post about Jamie Timbre. Also wanted to let you know that he claims to have a radio show on New York’s Z100…I called the radio station myself and asked when I could expect to hear his show. Of course, they’d never heard of him. I also made a point to call the Microsoft office in New York and ask to be connected to Jamie Timbre. They searched their entire New York employee database and found no one by that name.

  • Timbre has me blocked on Facebook and Twitter – so he knows I’ve busted his little (fake) empire

The sad news is that the only reason I can find for this somewhat creepy behaviour is to increase his scoring for an online social networking game ’empire avenue’ (see Jamie’s profile). Basically, you’re scored based on your activity, allowing you to buy “stocks” in other people which boosts your score/online currency for the game in turn. More currency = the ability to ‘pay’ people to like your page/follow you on twitter. I cannot figure out which came first, though: Jamie’s narcissistic and mostly fake fan page, or his participation in the game.

Update, 17th August:

Of course it’s BS. That’s why Facebook, Eventbrite, EmpireAvenue etc have all removed your fake profiles, seminars etc. Oh wait…

Jem Turner +44(0)7521056376

6 comments so far

  1. Josh said:

    It must be so hard to create this big facade with fake events, fake likes, fake fanpages, and fake everything else. Wouldn’t it just be easier to actually, ya know, do something? :P

    • Veronica said:

      But getting a real job would be far too easy! Conning people is where it’s at. Seems like karma is starting to bite him in the butt again, hopefully more fake accounts get deleted and the companies he’s “representing” take action as well.

      When there’s something strange, on the internet. Who gonna call? JEM TURNER.

  2. Haley said:

    Apparently he wants to take you to court, by the way. :P Not sure if it’s for butthurt or the supposed “stalking” you’ve done since 2006. Doesn’t really matter, though, since I’m fairly sure no one would take an international case of butthurt to court in the first place…

  3. b boy said:

    Jem- major points for keeping up with this. I went to high school with Timbre myself (he was a grade or two behind) and when his facebook became a non-stop spew of corporate fortune-cookie one-liners (Like just an hour ago: “A leader takes people where they want to go. A great leader takes people where they don’t necessarily want to go, but ought to be.”) I became suspicious. His supposed “success” and general wunderkind-ness didn’t gel at all with how I remembered him, and it’s refreshing to see that my reservations had grounds.

    I saw someone post your article on his wall just about 20 minutes ago (but it was removed in under a minute.) Keep it up!

  4. Claire T said:

    Karma will kick him where it hurts the most!

    Thank you for doing this :).

    I also saw he uses tweedeck for IOS on twitter!

    Windows phones not that great then


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