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Cashback Revolution

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Shit that sounds cheesy, I must have picked that line up from an advert or something?

So I joined some cashback sites. Or rather, I started using the cashback sites I signed up to AGES ago. For those not aware, the general idea is that you click through these sites to retailers, which by the magical power of cookies and referrals etc etc gains you cashback off your purchases.

So far I’ve got £55 for signing up for a new bank account (and a £100 bonus from the bank themselves), £2.18 for ordering some new trousers, £2.78 for ordering new shoes and £2.66 for sending some flowers. All stuff I was going to do anyway so it’s basically free cash. The only current annoyance with the whole thing is that, after buying my new sofa in-store, I discovered that I could have got something like 4% cashback on top of the £100 + 15% off which would have been over £15 cashback there too. And therein lies the problem… remembering to actually use the bloody sites.

Anyway, so my site of choice is Top CashBack (yes, that’s a referral link) purely because it has a guaranteed better rate of pay than Quidco et al. (Not to mention no minimum payout and no charge taken from your earnings.)

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  1. Haley said:

    I have the exact problem you said: remembering to USE IT. How many times I have sat there hitting myself after buying something because I could have gotten some insane amount of cash back via a similar program (or my bank itself) are too numerous to even count at this point. I have STILL not come up with a good way of remembering to use the cash back sites first……..

    The problem with a lot of USA cash back sites – and bank programs – it seems is that it takes absolutely forever to get anything credited back to your account. IDK about UK sites/policies but USA ones are slowwwwwwww. My bank’s fine print says something like 4-6 weeks for a cash back total to be confirmed and added to your account or whatever. So that could be all of $0.25 and it takes 6 weeks to confirm it. Not to mention usually the cash back % rates are pretty low and somewhat standard for every retailer. Sucks. :(

    I use eBates for general retailers and compare back/forth with my bank’s program which is the same general “click this weblink first” thing. My sister is a chronic online-shopaholic and she’s gotten $$$ cashback from eBates, so if you really spend money that much online it ends up giving you a good amount back. Every little bit of a discount helps! haha Even if you get a 1% discount off of something it’s worth it; no effort is required (except remember to use the damn site) so might as well, eh? :)

    • Jem said:

      Yeah, that all sounds similar – very slow to get actual payment here too. But, as a regular online shopper, I’m hoping my purchases can keep it ticking over and I can eventually start putting what I get back towards shit like my hosting or my food shopping. :D

  2. Katy said:

    yup, I’m currently waiting for 40 back from my car insurance, and 60 from the AA (having paid more for a higher service as it would get more cashback thus less cost overall, hah).

    Plus assorted bits and bobs from elsewhere. it all adds up! think I’m up to about £350 over two years :)

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