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Oops, I Bought a Sofa

 |  WTF

Went out today for cat litter, and somehow from there ended up doing McDonalds breakfast (ew, never again) and buying this:

Homebase brand Amelie Left hand Corner Group Natural sofa

We only bought it so that we could spend the next several years making gags about sitting on Amelie, farting on Amelie, making babies on Amelie etc*.

Now all I need is a house to put it in.

* Probably only amusing to people who know Amelie

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8 comments so far

  1. Mumblies said:

    Looks fab, hope the covers come off to wash otherwise you might regret going for a sofa this pale in colour.
    The moving date will be soon now I’m sure of it. :)

  2. Katy said:

    so what we need is a photo of Amelie-the-person, sitting on Amelie-the-sofa, holding a DVD of Amelie-the-film

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