I have had a most amazing week, and it occurs to me this morning that it has been a week full of “firsts”:

  • First holiday on my own
  • First time “glamping”
  • First time I drove on a proper motorway (3 lanes)
  • First time I drove to a destination on unfamiliar roads without using satnav
  • First time I went to a track day:

driving celica gt-four at blyton park

That’s me! Driving Gaz’s Toyota Celica GT-Four on a very wet track at Blyton Park.

Other firsts include driving with someone for 3 hours without getting into an argument or being shouted at because we might be lost/traffic is bad/weather is bad and my first time putting up a tent without an argument, but I guess those are less noteworthy in the grand scheme of things ;)

I am back! Or: adventure with pictures

I am back from my grown-up glamping adventure. I did not get (too) lost, eaten by insects, die of food poisoning from eating undercooked BBQ food or indeed go stir crazy about being on my own like I thought I would. So here’s what happened, with some pictures: I left on Monday, already running late […]

Grown-up adventure

So I’m off on a proper grown-up adventure tomorrow. Camping — “glamping”, rather, with Little Oasis Pandy — ON MY OWN. I’ve never booked a spur of the moment mini break before, let alone one in which I am completely in control of what I do, where I go, what time I get out of […]

My Internet History

I’ve been trawling the Way Back Machine lately for links & images for my recently re-added geek t-shirts collection page (work in progress), and happened upon a link to a page I used to have: “My Internet History”. I don’t have this page any more, it was one of the things I dropped when I […]

Update in few words

Still running. (I’ve entered a 10k race) Still 30-day-shredding. (Apart from one missed Monday) Still sober. (Not as hard as I thought) Still happy. (♥)