Recording memories

One of the things I started doing after I left Karl was keeping random things to record my new way of life – I wanted to have something to look at as a visual reminder of how far I’ve come.

In an envelope stashed safely in my kitchen I have receipts, spent train tickets, race numbers, the baggage label from my flight to Barcelona etc. Tidbits of paper and other miscellaneous scraps which mean the world to me but probably look like rubbish to anyone else (good job nobody does any tidying at my house.)

I bought a scrapbook which arrived today: a canvas on which I can arrange and annotate. I’ve browsed scrapbooking pinterest boards to inspire me make me feel inadequate. I have glue and the kid’s craft stuff to raid for decoration and embellishment.

Everything I need is right there… so why am I scared of sticking this stuff down?

The eeeeeend!

It’s here! September 30th! The last day of Septemblog! I can now proudly say that for the first time in around 15 years of blogging I have successfully completed a blog-a-day challenge. I completely failed my supplementary challenge to leave 5 comments / follow someone new every day, and it’s probably best you don’t look […]

Teach your children to cook

Would it be controversial of me to suggest that failing to teach your children to cook is neglecting a hugely important of parenting? That is, missing out a huge part of a range of life skills that should be imparted upon your kids. As I lovingly prepared a homemade lasagne earlier (by which I mean […]

A what’s NOT in my bag post

After asking you beautiful people for blog post suggestions yesterday, you dutifully provided me with several of which I will no doubt make use of a couple over last few days of Septemblog. Aisling‘s suggestion to do a “what’s in your bag” post would work well if I was like any of the other millions […]

4 days to go

Yep, four days left in September and I’m getting seriously meta up in here: blogging about blogging about blogging. I don’t know whether it’s just the fact that I’ve been seriously rushed off my feet for the past week or so, what with travelling to and from Brighton for the SEO conference and then fitting […]