Things that made me happy in June

I want to write about my first week working for myself again but apparently my brain doesn’t work this morning so I’m just going to mention a few things that have made me happy in June. Because YAY POSITIVITY.

palazzo-pantsFirstly, the discovery of these massive ‘palazzo pants’ from Tesco, which I have basically lived in for the past couple of weeks because they’re super airy in this hot weather and as comfortable as pyjamas. Pyjamas that are socially acceptable to wear in public, win!

Next up is OMI’s Cheerleader, both the original and the radio edit of the Felix Jaehn remix which I have on repeat. It’s weird because I hated this song when I first heard it, but it’s really grown on me. The lyrics just cheer me up — probably because it makes a nice change to hear a guy singing about a woman without reducing her to an object or the sum of her body parts. Oops, nearly got all feministy on you then.

My car exhaust fell off. This didn’t make me happy, obviously. However, some savvy saving over June thanks to a kick up the arse, Gaz’s exhaust purchasing skills, and choosing a local independent mechanic over my usual garage meant it only cost me £22.80 to fix it (and I was so pleased I gave him £30 and told him to keep the change … perhaps not the most frugal I could be)

See, I’m not grumpy all the time.


Not dead Too hot Boxes everywhere Kids snotty Massive workload <3

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