Last Day of Freedom!

postworkoutnomsToday marks the last day of my nutritional freedom. I celebrated last night by eating a 2 course meal (extravagant) that was, ironically, whole30 compliant until I chucked a knob of butter on the veggies and washed it all down with a glass of wine. But really that says it all: my eating habits are already GOOD and I CAN DO THIS!

Anyway, eating habits aside, although my motivation to take part if this bloody nutcase challenge is for my mental health rather than my physical, I thought I’d take some measurements so that I can see at the end of the challenge what (if anything) has changed. So here goes:

  • Weight: 161.6lbs (73.3kg)
  • Thighs: L: 60.3cm / R: 60.5cm
  • Calves: L: 37cm / R: 37.2cm
  • Hips: 102cm
  • Waist: 84.4cm
  • Biceps: L: 28.6cm / R: 28.4cm

My main concern with this whole30 thing is that it’s going to affect my workouts, especially my lifting. I’m concerned about the effects of the lowered carb intake on my recovery. In an ideal world I wouldn’t really want to be losing much from my biceps, and probably not from my calves either as both are already fairly “toned”, but I can afford to lose fat from my thighs, hips and waist.

I’m also concerned that my main weak point and usual big carby meal — breakfast — is going to be the killer. I don’t have time in the mornings to make myself breakfast, instead preferring to grab a bowl of porridge when I get to work. I really need to be preparing some stuff in advance so that I can grab and run and not worry about it; maybe soups or a stash of hard boiled eggs.

Anyway.. here goes I guess. I start first thing tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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