My own worst critic

After yesterday’s moan about my lack of weight loss/improved fitness despite all the extra activities I’m doing, I went for my Wednesday run (bootcamp session) and came back feeling pretty damn hot about myself (this was rapidly killed when I buckled another wheel but more about that another day).

In doing last night’s bootcamp and thinking about my ‘performance’ I realised that I *have* made improvements:

  • When I started running again earlier this year I couldn’t do more than 3km, but recently ran just shy of 10km
  • My leg muscles ARE clearly more toned/defined even when I’m relaxed and not deliberately flexing them to show off ;)
  • My arm muscles are more toned/defined – I guess as a side effect of moving them during running and also the weighted workouts during 30 day shred
  • When we do the bootcamp sessions on Wednesday, we often split into 3 groups to do activities; one group does 10 reps of whatever thing we’re doing, one does 7 and one does 5; until last night I would have done the 5 group and been dead, but last night I did the 7 and (it’s not a race, but…) finished first out of the group and still had plenty of energy for uphill laps of the field.
  • Last week I ran the route that I used to do before I joined the jogging group, and despite it being blistering hot and having not eaten properly that day, I not only DID the route at a faster pace than normal but absolutely kicked the arse of the hill that used to have me dead by half way up.

So, OK, I haven’t visibly lost any weight off my middle (which is really what I would like to achieve) but I am kicking butt. I am fitter by miles (ha ha, a pun). I have improved my running pace and increased my distance. Hopefully that means if I keep this up and see it through, I will eventually start to lose some of the weight on my tummy that’s bugging the crap out of me. Either way, here’s to a fitter me :)

P.s. I am keeping a food log if anyone wants to nag me to ditch the last of the sugar / crap out of my diet ;)

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