The Year of Me

I’m declaring 2014 to be the year of me.

It started in January, when I chopped my hair off again because that’s how I like it.

It continued into February when I put my kids back into nursery every day and I took on a new role as senior developer (or old role, depending on how you look at it) because I needed the company of grown up people again.

In March I started running again and have made quick progression with a recent run of 4 miles which is twice what I was managing last year (and I attribute to running with company).

This month I have started seeing a counsellor in an attempt to finally bury the past.

I have no idea what May will bring, but I’m looking forward to it anyway.

Our Day Out in Birmingham


It was Karl’s birthday on Saturday (I won’t tell you how old he is because he might throw something at me) and because he is the most awkward person in the world to buy for, I didn’t buy him anything; instead we went for a day out in Birmingham. Considering I have always lived within […]

What’s your process?

One of the things I am really keen on doing this year is to improve my workflow / development process. I have a very “make it up as I go along” approach to building a website (as demonstrated by my live dev ;)) which I think is fine for personal projects sometimes, but when you’re […]

Cloth nappies: Poppers vs. Velcro (Applix)

nappies on washing line

I haven’t had the time (or money) to obsess about cloth nappies recently — they go on Oliver’s butt and then they go in the wash … nothing new or exciting there — and I’m hoping that Oliver will want to start using the potty/toilet full time come summer (we’ve had occasional potty use but […]

Live Dev: So far…

Despite the fact that you’re all sat watching — refreshing regularly — to monitor the progress of my blog’s live development (you are, right?) I thought I’d give a run down of what’s happened so far, and what’s yet to come… New search bar across the top so you can easily search from anywhere (and […]