Improving/Rebranding tutorialtastic

Recently I had Jacky come with up with an actual logo for tutorialtastic. Something that I could work with, create a new layout around and generally identify my long-neglected tutorial site. The only problem is, while the logo is fab and exactly what I wanted, I am constantly worried about how easy it is to… read more →

I Could Never Be a Designer

I’m sat in today, waiting for the plumber to come and fix the hot tap in the bathroom. Instead of doing something constructive like tackling my ridiculous to-do list I’m fiddling with a design I started last night and wondering how I ever manage to finish these things. I could never be a graphic designer…… read more →

phpFanBase3, BellaBiblio and a Link Script

fanbase3 has been virtually ready for release for a couple of months now and I’m sick of waiting around on the beta testers who promised they’d get back to me within a couple of days (and didn’t). If you’re a long-time user of phpfanbase and want to test out an upgrade, or you’re looking for… read more →

I Love Your CSS!

You know, if I see the words “I love your CSS!” once more, I think I’m going to headbutt my keyboard out of frustration. (At least then I’d be justified in buying a new laptop, right?) Seriously, it’s become an epidemic amongst those who have a vague grasp on the idea that tables for layout… read more →

XHTML vs. HTML: Irrelevant

Back when I first heard of XHTML it seemed like a brilliant idea. Here was a type of mark-up with rules, and rules mean an excuse to be my normal perfectionist self. It wasn’t long before I’d converted all 200+ pages of my website to this beautiful, lower-case, tidy syntax and was getting the green… read more →

BBC Desperate?

I was just reading an article on the BBC news website about the wikipedia “scanner” picking up on people using CIA computers to edit entries, modifications to Gerry Adams’ entry from the Vatican, etc. (source) …interesting enough in itself, but that’s not what I’m blogging about. When I got to the bottom I realised that… read more →

PHP Security Tips

Because you can never know too much, and it’s about time I wrote a follow-up to my PHP Script Checklist article. 1. Never include sensitive data in a .inc When I started my current job, one of the first things I did was move all of the database connection details (yes, that includes passwords) from… read more →

Become a PHP Security Master

Usually if I don’t have the time to review a script I advise people to Google for security issues. Except, with the recent problem surrounding the false reports of a login issue with my scripts, it’s becoming more and more apparent that we can’t rely on only Google. Amongst good advice (of which there is… read more →

How to Spot an E-Tard

It has come to my attention that as the Internet fills with many, many young children, the e-tard quota rapidly increases. If you find somebody afflicted with this common problem, you’ll notice that they’re probably aged 12-15, they use 8 different colours to highlight their text (because just “bold” is obviously not enough) and assume… read more →