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Online Shopping Hell

I know that when I rant about web standards and usability I am usually called a fun-spoiler or told that I think too much, but there are reasons for my annoyance at people’s disregard for compliance and any sort of basic testing and that’s because…

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Dumbass Alert

I’d like to bring your attention to Dustin of This scummy little specimen is one of those particularly annoying web thieves; almost worthy of a Pants Award except I can’t be arsed to give one out. This little fool is particularly notable in that…

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CSS: Using the Cascade

Some of the biggest benefits of CSS include the space, time and bandwidth it can save you. Except that most web enthusiasts and developers — roughly familiar with the reasoning behind CSS — don’t actually bother to look into it properly so they end up…

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Sitescore came back up recently (after what seemed an age) and since then I’ve been getting slightly obsessed with it. In fact, if the people at Sitescore send me a bill for the bandwidth I’ve used up — editing and retesting my site — I…

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Jem’s Top Traffic Tips

I’ve given advice on Promoting Your Website as well as my Top Five SEO Tips before, but neither really address how to get the traffic coming in once you’ve followed the tips and suggestions. In this article I hope to give you a head start…

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Getting Hits With alt

A thread came up at Mint Pages in which the age-old question “how do I increase my hits?” was asked. Although I’ve covered the subject briefly before, it did raise an interesting point about alt attributes. (That’s right, alt attributes, not alt tags.) I’m sure…

 |  PHP

Beginner’s Guide to PHP – Part Two

Let’s have a quick re-cap of what we covered in Beginner’s Guide to PHP – Part One: there are different data types (string, integer, floating point number and boolean) and variables are created by simply assigning data to them. Simple enough? Well, now we’re going…

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