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BellaBiblio v2 is Live

The new version of my book rating script — BellaBiblio — is now online. BellaBiblio now includes an Ajax searcher that integrates with Amazon Web Services, allowing you to enter a keyword and pull down information on your books. This integration is all thanks to…

 |  Interwebs

Google PageRank and Nofollow

Nearly 3 years ago, Google released their plans to implement the rel attribute value nofollow in an attempt to combat spam on weblogs and other sites. Almost straight away, I posted my thoughts and went about hacking WordPress — which was my CMS of choice…

 |  Interwebs, Work

Actually, Include the 404

While doing some random surfing, in between mocking up a potential new disaster (layout) in Photoshop, and whilst avoiding the washing up/ignoring the oven (oh shit my flat is on fire) I found a post at about Creating User Friendly 404s. The post is…

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