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You know, if I see the words “I love your CSS!” once more, I think I’m going to headbutt my keyboard out of frustration. (At least then I’d be justified in buying a new laptop, right?) Seriously, it’s become an epidemic amongst those who have a vague grasp on the idea that tables for layout is bad.

Don’t get me wrong, the more people that hear about CSS and the more people that embrace this wonderful ‘technology’ the better. It can only be a good thing that those previously dependant on the likes of FrontPage and pixelfx tutorials are venturing out into the big, bad world of “proper webmastering”. However, these people that I speak of — those getting to grips with CSS — aren’t the ones actually spouting this inane bullshit!

The fools of which I speak are the ones still generally using tables, or copying great chunks of superfluous code from bad tutorials with nowt but absolutely positioned divs and coloured scrollbars. They’re not learning anything, they don’t know what CSS is or what it does and yet feel they’re educated enough to say “I love your CSS!” They wouldn’t know a property from an attribute and don’t even mention things like selectors and pseudo-classes. (I was going to make a joke about fake school lessons but I didn’t think many would get it. I be lame-o.)

Of course, we all know that what these people really mean is that they are impressed by the layout design and the way the mark-up has been manipulated to place everything in an aesthetically pleasing manner on the page. I guess this requires intelligence to type, though…

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  1. Pants: Digital Sugar Designs — jemjabella.co.uk said:

    […] When you tell the world that you “can create beautiful CSS for your website and make it look vibrant and professional“, I expect the most elegant and wonderfully presented CSS document of all time; tabs or 4-space indentation for preference. I don’t expect to discover that you’re actually referring to the website as being visually vibrant, because the misuse of ‘CSS’ makes me very angry. […]