How to Spot an E-Tard

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It has come to my attention that as the Internet fills with many, many young children, the e-tard quota rapidly increases. If you find somebody afflicted with this common problem, you’ll notice that they’re probably aged 12-15, they use 8 different colours to highlight their text (because just “bold” is obviously not enough) and assume that being artistic means blending colours on the top of an illegally acquired celebrity photograph.

e-tard example
Our first case of e-tardia.

These e-tards tend to misspell even the easy-peasiest of words (like “obese”), they assume the entire world uses WordPress (because they’re too lazy/stupid to imagine anyone could possibly have the intelligence to write their own CMS), and often distribute that heap of shit known as Waks Ask & Answer.

Entry inspired by lyrical.NU: so you too can be an e-tard.

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