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Commenting on Comments

I was browsing the Fair Review Project again today, aimlessly wandering from link to link to see if there were any interesting or amusing blogs on which I could waste a bit of time before I take my Mum out (happy birthday Mummy) later. Somehow…

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With Thanks

Thank you to those who sent me e-mails and/or left comments after my ranty post yesterday. I appreciate that effort that it takes to try and be sympathetic or supportive so it’s always nice when I’m on the receiving end of that good will. I…

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Using Web Tutorials

An interesting topic came up between a few friends today about people who follow web tutorials and then claim that the product of those tutorials as their own. This made me wonder about the general attitude out there, so of course — as a curious…

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Notify Me? NO!

What the hell is it with the sudden burst of people using the comment subscription tick box (plugin?) with WordPress? Is it really that prosperous for a website owner to have it automatically ticked? Does it benefit anyone? Do I care what other people are…

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Shut Your Bitching

I was sent the link to Beautiful Day/Piczo Help earlier as a nomination for a Pants Awards. I was going to give one but I can’t be bothered to type all that crap out so I will say: shut your bloody whining you ungrateful tit.…

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Use Your Direct-Linkers

Direct linkers are, quite frankly, the bane of the Internet. They claim images and other multimedia as their own when it’s clearly not, and use up your bandwidth. This is not such a big deal if you’ve got hundreds of gigabytes of bandwidth to spare,…

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Sucks To Be You Now

The one major downside to offering free stuff — graphics; photography; tutorials; scripts or in this case: wordpress themes — is that there’s always someone out there willing to steal them, and then butcher the fuck out of them with their ugly stolen celebrity photos.…

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