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I was sent the link to Beautiful Day/Piczo Help earlier as a nomination for a Pants Awards. I was going to give one but I can’t be bothered to type all that crap out so I will say: shut your bloody whining you ungrateful tit.

You just can’t expect to be able to redistribute some shitty HTML, get a handful of hits and then think you deserve hundreds of comments every day. Go on, follow out your petty threats and delete your site: it’s one less piece of crap on the Internet. One less poor excuse for a “help” website.

For crying out loud. If I actually got thanks/comments from every person I help, give code to, etc my site would cave under the pressure and I’d probably get shut down for being too “resource intensive”. People are ungrateful bastards. People take your hard work. People expect code for nothing that’s worth hundreds of dollars in the commercial web developing world. You should be grateful that you at least have visitors because I know plenty of bloody amazing websites that get 3 a day if they’re lucky. Pfft.

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  1. Rosemarie said:

    I’m not a fan who people who whine about that sort of thing. On the other hand, she’s 14, which is the ultimate emo age. So I am confident that she shall grow out of it! Yay! (P.S. – some of the comments left in response to her dramatic post are even worse. I hate it when people swear so much that instead of sounding angry, they sound like they’re trying to be cool by exercising their skillz at the use of ‘fuck’)

  2. Jessica said:

    My site gets about three visitors a day if I’m lucky, and I never complain about it–complaining about it is just about the surest way to not get more visitors. If I go to a site and all the entries are just whingeing because they get no comments, I’m definitely not coming back. If I want more people to comment, I just have to work at writing more interesting blog entries. I’m sure that works a lot better than whingeing.

  3. Belinda said:

    Wait, what? Are there supposed to be different text showing up? I see standard default font. Man, she sounds like those people who write crappy fanfiction then complain and threaten to not update if people don’t review their fics. -_-

  4. Melissa said:

    Oh god I hate websites like that! Are comments seriously that important to people that they have a bitchfest about not getting enough? That’s pretty sad. I’m surprised there’s no disclaimer stating ‘you must comment and say thank you if you use one of *my* resources’ plastered somewhere on that site…

  5. Aithnea said:

    I barely get visitors too, but the whole fun of having a site isn’t being insanely popular (as wonderful as that must be) but from the freedom of expression that we have online. She needs to grow up and get a life. And if she deletes her site, thank goodness. I won’t have to deal with the headache I got just from reading that one post of her’s.

  6. Stephanie said:

    1. I went to the site and my right eyelid twitched. 2. Sometimes I wonder why God allows stupid people to breathe. They should get CO2 like all other vegetative life forms. Sounds like the gene pool needs a little chlorine, if you ask me… And to be serious — not having visitors and comments sucks, but you work to make the friends who comment on your site. Unless she is active on other people’s sites, posting and chatting and being a visitor too, she won’t get jack from other people. And honestly, if you’re going to offer help, don’t expect something back. Help is supposed to be selfless — you don’t need the thanks that goes with it 100% of the time. You’re often lucky to get about 30%. This entire entitlement attitude that teens have really gets my goat. I’m glad I grew out of it early. Just because you get to suck in the air around your head doesn’t mean the earth owes you one goddamned thing. *mumble* I really ought to stop now before I get into a rant. See what you did? Raising my blood pressure like that… ;)

  7. Corinne said:

    I don’t even know (and obviously don’t care) how many visitors I get. I’ve rarely bother to check my stats. I understand the feeling, but yea, it’s a little overboard. However, she’s still a kid, so hopefully she’ll grown out of it.

  8. Shannon said:

    I rarely get comments. I feel like shutting down my site. I need attention. D: You guys also have to take in the fact that I’m emo and 14 years old. D:! She should not whine. I have whining.

  9. Retti said:

    Meh. And I thought I whined a lot. Apparently not, though. I get like 2 visitors a day and I don’t exactly mind either, ’cause I just blog to remind myself what I did yesterday, or the day before yesterday, or… you get the point. I don’t complain if people take my ‘hard work’ though. (For instance, I let the whole class copy my Science worksheet answers because they forgot to do it for homework.) That’s the way life is I guess…

  10. Carina said:

    I agree with your post Jem, but I completely disagree with what some people had to say about her age. It’s people like her who are letting people say, “fourteen year olds are emo douchebags’. I don’t really understand how somebody can be a genre of music anyway.

  11. Janine said:

    I’m not the only one who noticed that under her “Personalities” she put Confidence:Low right? I guess she feels that she needs to have 20+ comments in order to feel special and loved. *sigh* That’s sad. She needs to grow up and realize that not everyone is going to root for her and pat her on the back if she does something nice for them. She obviously is running the wrong kind of site if her intentions is for other people to elevate her self-esteem.

  12. Vixx said:

    I’m afraid I’m another for the “she’s fourteen” camp; no, this doesn’t mean she’s a douchebag, but does mean she’s a kid. She’ll still be in a training bra and less than twelve months ago she was probably playing with her barbies. And it is true; not having commenters/visitors isn’t nice when you feel that you’ve invested a lot of time and effort into something. She’s just not mature enough to deal with it yet. V xx

  13. Amber said:

    I don’t think her age is any excuse. Belinda and Jenny are both that age, and I’ve only been 15 for a few months. However I don’t make blogs like that – so why should she? To be frank, it doesn’t matter if she closes her site anyway. Her fans will just flock somewhere else. I’m sure her content wasn’t that inspirational. However I do agree that it sucks when you don’t have any commentors/visitors and you put a lot of work into your website. I remember when I had about 30 articles in total, and other when they were reviewed, I have no proof that anybody actually read them!

  14. Mumblies said:

    Awwwwwwwww diddums! Crikey, and i thought my 14 year old was a pain in the butt. From what i can see its “me me me me me /self self self self” I agree Jem, she does rather seek attention. although in all fairness, she will have had more hits now I fail to see what there is of interest there for any would be viewer. I wonder how she could be smart enough to alter or improve subject matter when she obviously has problems spelling the word “editing” My own 14 year old doesn’t spend her time whining for attention like this so i am unfamiliar with this kind of behaviour-Is this normal for teens today? Her site reminds me of a saying attributed to a character “Violet Elizabeth” who used to rant and stamp her feet saying (with a lisp) ” I’ll thcream and thcream and thcream until I’m thick!” Who was equally irritating. I believe her constant swearing is related to her limited knowledge of the English language so surely we should pity her for her very obvious lack of education. As a parent who has devoted 27 years of my life to my children/grandchildren I often feel that perhaps i don’t get enough praise for all my hard work and I certainly didn’t get paid for what i put in but i don’t think i rant and swear and demand attention. My experience is that when one does something of merit, people notice but don’t necessarily say so. Do something wrong however and most will comment or criticize. It’s part of life, she has to learn to deal with it and move on. My advice to her would be “If you can’t stand the heat,stay out of the kitchen!” I would also like to say Thank you Jemma, officially so to speak, for all the help and advice that you have given me over the years pc related or otherwise and keep on doing what you do whether or not people approve or like it :o)

  15. Shari said:

    Went to the site and…laughed. Really hard. For the first time this day. I agree with Amber, Brenda’s age is not an excuse. Heck, when I was 14 (or even younger) I never acted that way. *slashes wrists* We all whine, but there’s a fine line between bitching and whining. What she’s doing is the former. Maybe someone should remind her of the real essence of help. If she really wants to help, she shouldn’t be bitching her ass out just because no one’s showing their gratitude on her face. She’s the one being ungrateful for being, err, unreasonable? No one asked her to make that site in the first place. She gets many requests for help because she makes herself available. It’s her fault, not the others’. She should realize that “thank you” comes in many different shapes and forms. Or maybe it’s just that the primary purpose of my website is to please myself and not others that I think this way. I do what I please, and I do it with ease. If other people like what I’ve got to offer, then thank you. I’m not about to close my site just because I don’t receive comments. It’s just like me with you, Jem. I always visit your site and read what you have to say. What I learn from you goes beyond everything she’s got to offer. What I have is knowledge about things (e.g., coding, etc) And I’ve never thanked you properly for the entertainment and the help except for the credit link, but you’re not complaining, right? Well, I hope not. :D

  16. Jordie said:

    I opened the Web page, and the first thing I saw was a big o’l whine session in size 30 font: “THANKS FOR NOTHING GUYS! I WORKED MY ASS OFF FOR YOU!” Well, I suppose some people would equate copying and pasting and/or recycling bullshit “tutorials” that have been done to death a thousands times over with “working their ass off”. I’d be willing to bet that these people don’t really care about improving the quality of the Internet, they just want their fifteen minutes of fame and wail like banshees when they don’t get the recognition that they so clearly deserve. No sympathy. All I see on this piece-of-shit website is the usual crap about scrollbars. IFrame generators, splash pages and that tacky-as-fuck “snowing” effect I read about on This is not exciting, fresh or original. I like my blog and I like to think I put some effort into coming up with articles that are engaging or at least amusing, but I don’t expect everyone to bow down and worship me when I deign to open my mouth and speak the holy words.

  17. Chans said:

    Just opening her site gave me a headache, thanks to the huge ‘welcoming’ font.. She’s ‘only’ 14 but that doesn’t mean she has the right to act like a baby, she has to learn to deal with the lack of appreciation, that’s part of life and she’s going to encounter it a lot over the years to come. With that said; I don’t like it either when I don’t get any comments but that somewhat inspires me to do things differently so people are interested in what I have to say. It doesn’t make me feel like I have to go into an attention seeking tantrum.

  18. Rachael said:

    “THANKS FOR NOTHING GUYS! I WORKED MY ASS OFF FOR YOU!” Well… No one asked her too. Sites like these bug the hell out of me, and so do piczo sites in general. For the most part, they’re all the same. And don’t even get me started on copyright infringment on flogao pages… *mutters* If a site is so much hassle for you, then don’t do it! It shouldn’t be about getting credit for your hard work; you should make a site because you *want* to. If you’re proud of it, it doesn’t matter how many people visit/comment. Deary me…

  19. Li said:

    “No updates for awhile. sorry. bye.” That is her current update but I’ve already seen the one you’re talking about. About the lack of “thanks” she’s receiving: what does she expect? She’s helping a bunch of Piczo site owners! They don’t seem to care about anyone but themselves. (Hence the disgusting amount of copyright violation that goes on on the servers. ;))

  20. Brenda said:

    I guess it seems to be the ‘whining stage’ for people that age. :( And apparently, she has the same name as me. (People reading this comments, I am a different Brenda. Haha. :P)

  21. Stephanie said:

    Many of the sites that get the pants award from you are similar in that they distribute content that isn’t theirs, beg for hits, and use images that aren’t theirs. They deserve it, though. Only problem is that there’s a whole class of them teenage drama queens that everyone wants to shoot.

  22. Hillarie said:

    I really don’t want to sound rude, but everybody that is 14 doesn’t act like her. To get hits, I comment on blogs, submit my site to directories, etc., and I don’t whine if my hits aren’t exactly where I want them to be. I really don’t care if I get 3 or 300 in a day. To /me/ all that matters is that I like what I’m doing with my site.

  23. Rosemarie said:

    Of course not everyone who is fourteen acts like her :P Not everyone who is 20 acts like me! Everyone is different. However, I remember when I was fourteen, I was overly emotional and very dramatic, and I’d say that it’s a pretty common time for people to be that way. Fourteen is a time where people are young and changing and full of hormones and get easily upset and take things very personally. Not EVERYONE will have such a hard time, but it’s still a phase that many people go through at some point, and they usually (er, hopefully :P ) grow out of it *shrugs* And for people mentioning the musical style ’emo’ – I’m not sure about that (heard of it, but don’t know what kind of music is is) but around here, and presumably elsewhere, emo is just a short form way of saying “really emotional”

  24. Hillarie said:

    Well, hehe, I went through an early ’emo’ stage. I was…eleven, I think. I’m still emotional and dramatic, but not like I used to be…when I think about it, it’s quite funny, actually. “You put sugar in my coffee! BAH! I’m the only one that can put sugar in my coffee!” is an example of what I used to be like. Yes, I drank coffee when I was eleven.

  25. Ranjani said:

    She’s the same age as my cousin, down to the same birthday. It’s a little creepy, but fortunately, I’m not related to this chick. From what I can see, she’s out for the glory, not the love of putting things on the Internet to help people, and being snotty as if she should be canonized for her actions. CRAZY!

  26. Han said:

    It doesn’t really bother me *that*much tbh, as long as I dont get tweens begging gfor help and omfg dont get me started on the layout stealing emo whining tweens! ARG. They always steal my wp themes! grrrrrrr

  27. Josh(ua/y) said:

    Piczo help? Bah! Why would anyone want help with piczo? It’s like frontpage – it even creates just as rubbish code. You don’t need to even consider the useless free layouts and the site owner’s attitude. You just need to look at the point of the site, which is a pretty pointless one.

  28. Kirsty said:

    You just need to look at the point of the site, which is a pretty pointless one. I would say you had to be stupid to not know how to use piczo, however that would be declaring myself stupid, as I don’t know (nor care).

  29. Elisabeth said:

    I cannot help but feel that all this is unnecessary. I mean, the internet is full with sites that mostly contain complaining, and often by people that are a lot older then she is. Sometimes I think internet is more like a trash can for some. And she’s fourteen. Most people act a bit odd, to say the least, in that age, and some off us still do (I am a living example…). I guess I am mostly concerned about the fact that she might get/be sad, I surely would have been if I had gotten a Pants Award in that age. But this is just my two cents.