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The one major downside to offering free stuff — graphics; photography; tutorials; scripts or in this case: wordpress themes — is that there’s always someone out there willing to steal them, and then butcher the fuck out of them with their ugly stolen celebrity photos.

So, Ana aka Evenso, age: “Old enough to know better” (couldn’t have put it better myself), next time you decide to take one of my themes, change the images and think that gives you the right to claim the theme as your own (without changing a single line of the bloody CSS structurally, which I must point out is hand-written and not based on the default WordPress theme like most) ..think about your new reputation as a thief while you’re doing it.

So much for “Sisterhood”

Edit: Forget thief, think spammer, homophobe and liar instead. All of these names she’s slinging and she’s 30? Jeez, I hope I can think of something more original than “you need to get laid” when I hit 30. :|

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  1. Vera said:

    Those huge images always make me… well harrump at the very least. WHY do you have the oressing need to greet us with a header image of such size. ESPECIALLY if it’s not a graphic site… So… did you contact her? And did she refuse? Because I can see that the credits still don’t point toward you anywhere.

  2. Jem said:

    No, and I don’t intend to. I’m suck to fucking death of idiots taking my crap and claiming it as their own. I don’t mind when people take little bits, or ASK if they can remove the credit for business reasons.. but this is neither. I’m fed up of being tolerant.

  3. Claire said:

    I can understand you exasperation, she doesn’t even claim to be “inspired” by you/your work (which is what most theives claim so as to *try* and get themselves off the hook). Uncharacteristic of you this might be, but she deserves the public shaming IMHO…

  4. Jem said:

    The problem is, Claire, that this is only a shaming if she’s ashamed of what she’s done. What are the chances? In fact, this entry probably won’t solve a thing, but it sure as hell felt better to write it and get it off my chest.

  5. Ricardo said:

    the web is huge.. it’s impossible to control the piracy.. I think you shoulnd’t care, only focus on the benefits of being a famous theme author, or a great developer. :)

  6. Ana said:

    Oh get over yourself-I was given by someone-I did ask for help in a blog-and someone sent me the template.I’ve been here once- So go blow it out your ass bitch-just to let you know that plenty of people use that template-who did you steal it off then?

  7. Jem said:

    The old “I was given it excuse”. Please, at least come up with something original to justify your petty thieving. You obviously missed the part where I said it was hand-written. That means I wrote it, by hand, from scratch. This might be a difficult concept for you to understand, thus the need to steal, but it’s a pretty basic idea really. :)

  8. Ana said:

    If I was going to steal a template-I would steal one that wasn’t littered with errors. But you know what? Its just fucking tough isn’t it? I don’t have to make any excuse because thats what happened-if you don’t accept it fine.Tough.

  9. Jem said:

    It’s only littered with errors when you insert random bits of amateur HTML in the wrong places. Like the redundant html and body tags you seem to think go before the doctype? It’s not ‘fucking tough’, it’s fucking funny. Fucking funny that a 30 year old woman has to resort to taking a theme, removing the credit from it, overloading it with celebrity shite and then hiding behind crap like “omg who did you steal it from?” because they’re far too stuck up their own arse to simply apologise, or re-add the credit where it’s due. Not that I expect you to do so, because I really DON’T want my name associated with what you’ve done to the theme. You keep it, it suits you.

  10. Paola said:

    I find it peculiarly funny how when people are accused of stealing (on the web, more specifically) they get all defensive and start making unnecessary use of curse words as if that were an alibi to “not having stolen anything”. Ana, dear, Jem’s template is error free and validates as XHTML 1.0 Transitional. Typically, when a person steals a layout they modify it to try and hide the deed, which seems to be what you have done, hence why yours doesn’t even have a doctype declaration (I assume you have no idea what it is and ignore its importance, hence why you deemed it removable).

  11. Ana said:

    I don’t really care-I’ll give you credit fine but my conscience is clear-I didn’t steal it-I was given it-there are plenty templates out there-why would I go for one of yours huh? what makes you do special? I didn’t do anything but add a header-and it didn’t have those images in it when I recieved it either.I won’t apologise because I haven’t actually done anything but take someones word for it.You obviously can’t or won’t believe that so what do you want me to do about it?

  12. Jenny said:

    So if somebody stole say a necklace (with some kind of sentimental value on it) and gave it to someone else, and then you found that someone and at least wanted to know about it.. you WOULDN’T expect an apology? (bad example x_x)

  13. Jem said:

    I won’t give you the benefit of the doubt.. I have come across SO many people who act all sincere and do the whole “oh, it was given to me” thing – even to the point of having friends email me. It all falls to shit when the ips match though. The only difference here was the fact that you weren’t in the least bit sincere – you even went so far as to accuse me of stealing my own fucking theme. So no, you’re right, I won’t believe you. “why would I go for one of yours huh?” ..I don’t know, you tell me. You’re the one using it.

  14. Ana said:

    You need to get laid. I’m using it because I don’t have time to finish one-I don’t steal layouts I make my own-and seeing as I’ve only just started using WP I asked for help with themes.I was sent one -that one-It had a white header image and a grey background.I changed it. I’m not sincere,but this is childish,pathetic behaviour-you’ve gotten yourself up on some sort of soapbox over this-what do you want to me to do?honestly? I am told old in the tooth to be going around stealing templates don’t you think? If it bothered you so much then you would have said something about it,instead of whinging and a third party having to tell me. Yes it was stupid taking someones word that it was okay to use-but I didn’t steal it.I am using it and will continue to do so until I finish my own-do you want me to grovel or something?I don’t think so little girl.

  15. Jem said:

    Little girl? That’s almost as original as “I was given it”. “childish,pathetic behaviour” ..and calling me a bitch then stating I stole my own theme, that wasn’t in any way childish or pathetic? What do I want you to do? I want you to tell me who gave you the theme (if it really was given to you). I also want you to put my url back in the stylesheet because none of that code is yours. (Feel free to keep the ‘template designed by bla bla’ notice up, I don’t want credit for the images you’re using, REALLY.) You do that, and I’d even remove this post for you, ’cause that’s how nice I am. :D

  16. Ana said:

    no you can keep the post.Its generating a few hits.I will send you the address of the person who sent me the zip file. And and am I supposed to be embarrassed because a self proclaimed queen of design ,does not aprove? Oh the shame.I beg for your forgiveness. *coughs*

  17. Jem said:

    Please point out where I call myself a queen of design, then I can correct my obvious moment of stupidity. I’m a developer, not a designer, and I’ve said as much for a long time.

  18. Ana said:

    I do apologise.I didn’t read that drivel,I think I feel asleep right after you mentioned how fabulous you are dahling *kisses*

  19. Jem said:

    That’s fine. :) Most people know that not all sites cater for all tastes. A few thousand people daily would happen to disagree, but I don’t want to brag.

  20. Ana said:

    Actually scratch that.I’m not going to bother-you don’t like it?well thats just tough. Oh dear my bad.So sue me. And you really need to get out more-you and the pathetic little morons you hang with.

  21. Jem said:

    It took you 65 minutes to come back with nothing but an insult aimed at my innocent visitors? Again, what was that you were saying about being childish? Funny how you changed your mind at the last minute. Is that ’cause you couldn’t find a fake e-mail address to pretend you got sent the theme from? I’ve closed the comments. You can e-mail me if you have anything else to say (and that means not spamming my other posts with your rubbish you fool).