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I was browsing the Fair Review Project again today, aimlessly wandering from link to link to see if there were any interesting or amusing blogs on which I could waste a bit of time before I take my Mum out (happy birthday Mummy) later.

Somehow I ended up at a review of a blog from the directory and from there, the same entry (replicated on another blog). Although the entry itself wasn’t particularly interesting, a comment from an obviously self-important male caught my eye:

i feel that girls dont venture into the IT industry coz they have limited spatial thinking and visualizations

Of course, being a girl-geek I quickly responded — defending my ‘position’ and calling him out for sexism — simply for the sake of making it known what I think of opinions like his of course. Except, after I posted it I realised that I’d just added a comment to a blog I’ve never read or replied to before aimed at someone other than the owner of the blog, with not even a passing mention to the original entry.

A massive violation of blog etiquette, or part of the normal entry/conversation progression? Do you delete comments from people responding to someone other than yourself or let it slide?

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