Battling Direct-Linkers/My Conscience

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I was trawling through my Awstats logs yesterday (as it’s the start of the month and there’s less to go through) and noticed a site insisting on direct-linking to my free avatars. Now, usually I don’t mind too much if someone has taken the occasional one but this particular site was using several avatars on several of their posts throughout the site.

I visited the site looking for some contact information because a quick e-mail explaining the technicalities of bandwidth theft is generally all it takes. However, on doing so I discovered that not only is the site just about covering their own server costs, but is a support community for “those whose lives or relatives/friends have been affected by a subarachnoid haemorrhage/stroke“.

I struggled greatly with my conscience as I wrote out the details of their direct-linking, but in the end decided to say nothing. I have lots of bandwidth (more than I’ll ever use) so where’s the harm? Would it have benefited me to humiliate and disadvantage those who were reaching out to others? No. I think I did the right thing, but I am interested to hear what other’s would do in the same situation…

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