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Looking for Shit Websites

I’m out of material to do a few of my famous unrequested reviews on, so if you know of any shit websites, do feel free to let me know. Either add the URL in a comment or e-mail me. Preferrably shit reviewing/tutorial websites — they…

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Pointless Update

For those of you who don’t usually check my other sites.. there’s several new tutorials at tutorialtastic.co.uk and a new review at Review-You. And no, I’ve still not decided what to do with RY.

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Review of band-o.org

Reviewed: Kathleen Site URL: band-o.org I seem to be reviewing the skin “RockyBliss”. My first impression involves the word “cack” so I’m not sure if I should continue. The background colour, while obviously selected from the top photograph, is tediously plain and doesn’t compliment your…

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My Life, On a Bookshelf

I was in the bedroom thinking again last night (anyone spot a trend here?) and came to the conclusion that my bookcase, the one that Karl went out and bought in August, perfectly represents my life. How sad is that, eh? My life can be…

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Review-You Probably Closing

I was thinking about Review-You last night whilst tidying up in the bedroom (completely irrelevant, I know) and have come to the conclusion that it is probably best if I close the website when the domain name expires. Don’t get me wrong, I love reviewing,…

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tutorialtastic is live!

Finally, tutorialtastic is live. After some minor issues with a some .htaccess magic, and a moment of last minute panic where I realised I needed to use “../” before internal links in all of my tutorials; I have it up! There’s still some links which’ll…

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Site Updates

I’ve been doing a few updates to coding around the site whilst working on tutorialtastic for tomorrow, and that includes enabling comments on my reviews — it’s just the web ones at the moment but will extend to the book and game reviews. I’ve also…

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looking for volunteers

I’m looking for volunteers! As most of you have probably heard (because I haven’t stopped going on about it) I have been developing tutorialtastic none stop for the past couple of weeks and I intend to get the new version up on Friday. My patience…

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Back To Work

Karl’s back to work after his half term break today so not only does that mean I had to get up at 6:30am this morning, but I’ve got to get off my lazy ass and visit a job agency today. Job agency, back to bed..…

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