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I have finally got of my butt and updated tutorialtastic. I mean, it’s only taken about 6 months and all. The new layout is very deliberately web 2.0. Stripes, gradients, little pixel icons.. you name it, it’s in there! I’ve not even finished yet, but…

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I Have No Idea…

…what the point of — or inspiration for — this layout is/was, but it seemed silly and fun and so I thought “sod it”. Don’t ask me, I was just procrastinating (need to read my course docs). For the record, it’s not a real explosion,…

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400 Readers

Feedburner tells me my subscriber count hit over 400 as of today. I feel like I should post something inspirational or deep the mark the occasion but as I’m not a particularly inspirational or deep person I’ll leave you with a question or three. If…

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Overdue Restructuring

As many of you will have noticed (CTRL + F5 if you haven’t) the long-overdue restructuring of the site has finally started. I got off my arse and modified the layout (making it fluid) earlier this week, and with the exception of a header overlap…

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