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It’s Not Dead

I just wanted to make a quick post to point out the fact that, 2 days on, my blog isn’t dead. In fact, with more than double the normal page views (I’m not sure if that’s me testing things, you guys being nosy or the…

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Migration Back to WordPress

Yes, as if the credit link at the bottom of the page and the various “WordPress-esque” features hadn’t already given it away: I’ve moved back to WordPress. Before the geeky among you gasp and sigh (and the likes of my Mum wonder what the fuss…

 |  Interwebs, Updates

NinjaLinks Update

I made some empty promises about my latest script, NinjaLinks, possibly being ready by the end of March. Obviously as it’s now a couple of hours from April that didn’t happen. I do have excuses reasons for this though… NinjaLinks is supposed to be my…

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Rockin’ It Old School!

In an attempt to suppress the incessant need to spawn new layouts, as mentioned in my last post, I have decided to hell with it.. I’ll simply fall on to Phil’s advice and bring back a style-switcher and several older layouts along with it. This…

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New Design; Back 5 Years

I decided to stick up a “new” layout. I’ve used ideas from some of my old layouts, basically going back to a time when gradients were nowt but a sparkle in the eye of whichever chappie it was decided to invent the term “web 2.0”.…

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