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The Woes of WordPress

Since converting back to WordPress I’ve been having some difficulties with my site. It’s not the fault of WordPress per se (I just liked the sound of the title) but rather my inefficient system, and my impatience. In my haste to get the live WP…

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It’s Not Dead

I just wanted to make a quick post to point out the fact that, 2 days on, my blog isn’t dead. In fact, with more than double the normal page views (I’m not sure if that’s me testing things, you guys being nosy or the…

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Migration Back to WordPress

Yes, as if the credit link at the bottom of the page and the various “WordPress-esque” features hadn’t already given it away: I’ve moved back to WordPress. Before the geeky among you gasp and sigh (and the likes of my Mum wonder what the fuss…

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NinjaLinks Update

I made some empty promises about my latest script, NinjaLinks, possibly being ready by the end of March. Obviously as it’s now a couple of hours from April that didn’t happen. I do have excuses reasons for this though… NinjaLinks is supposed to be my…

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Rockin’ It Old School!

In an attempt to suppress the incessant need to spawn new layouts, as mentioned in my last post, I have decided to hell with it.. I’ll simply fall on to Phil’s advice and bring back a style-switcher and several older layouts along with it. This…

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New Design; Back 5 Years

I decided to stick up a “new” layout. I’ve used ideas from some of my old layouts, basically going back to a time when gradients were nowt but a sparkle in the eye of whichever chappie it was decided to invent the term “web 2.0”.…

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