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I want your layout

I have been thinking about redesigning and redeveloping my blog to make it more… bloggy. Kind of like a cross between kottke and Diaua!com. Do you think they’d mind if I took their layouts and mashed them in to one? Edit: I was thinking something…

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Minor NinjaLinks Amend

In anticipation of an update to iron out any last minute bugs (which will fix this) can all NinjaLinks users please open the functions.php file that comes with the script and make the following change… At the very bottom of the file, you should see:…

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I Like Mine Blue, thanks

Ooh, looky here! A shiny new layout with coolies rounded corners. How web 2.0 am I, eh? :D In all truth, it’s amazing what not having a website can do to you. It makes you productive. Funny that. I coded, I designed, I even washed…

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Happy 6th Birthday Jemjabella!

Hip-hip hooray! My domain is 6 years old today. That’s 6 years of pointless ranting, narcissistic/egotistical BS and the best damned awards on the planet. I’m still quite enjoying the whole thing too. I hope those of you who joined me in celebration last time…

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