Giving it all up (sort of)

I have spent the past week or so away from the computer for the most part, and in doing so have had time to contemplate where I’m going in life and what my various online dedications mean to me. As a result of this, I have made some decisions to cut back on a huge… read more →

Some Little Tidbits

Firstly, CSSbake was very recently featured in a Smashing Magazine post on 40+ Helpful Resources On User Interface Design Patterns, which is a huge boost to CSSbake as a website and growing resource for webmasters. Huge congratulations to Ben, obviously, and to Melissa, who’ve both been putting in all the work lately to keep it… read more →

6 Dollar Layout

After much nagging and one amusing — and wholly accurate — unrequested review I finally decided to get off my arse and finish changing my layout, something that has been on the cards for months. However, failed design after failed design led to much frustration. In my weakened, feeble state I decided that spending hours… read more →

Server Move and Some Coding

As you may (or may not, it was fairly seamless) have noticed, I have moved to a new server. Site5 cocked something up during a supposedly routine server upgrade last week, and after contacting the CEO and having a level 2 tech supposedly fix the problem 3 times, most of my site remained unavailable. I… read more →

Site Spring Cleaning

I have spent nearly every night this week procrastinating going back through old entries to tidy up typos, remove dead links and tag where necessary. I am now going through the “Just Blogged” threads on various forums so that the links point to accurate URLs rather than 404s. Of course, sense would say that it’d… read more →

New Sexy GIMP Layout

To celebrate my move to a superior operating system (too early for the fangirling?) I hereby release my latest layout. It’s got blue, it’s got ninjas, it’s got icons, a gradient, syndicated feeds… it must be some sort of web 2.0 mish-mash hodge-podge?! I’m trying out some new things with this latest creation. For starters,… read more →

My Blog Resolutions

Now that you’ve read every man and his dog’s post on new years resolutions, including my ramble on my efficiency drive for 2009 (already going well, I might add) I thought it appropriate to talk about the resolutions my blog/website will be making. Yes, a website can have resolutions, I’m not crazy. :P Firstly, 2008… read more →

New Year, New Habits

As 2009 is fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about new years resolutions. It’s about now each year that I groan and decide that resolutions are not for me, knowing full well that any promises of exercise and healthy eating would be down the pan before the first week is out. I want to… read more →

The Blogmonster!

Huh, so how’s about this then. A non-WordPress blog? As you may have gathered from the swearing yesterday, I had a few problems with WordPress 2.7. The changes they made to the various comments file seemed to disagree with my 16,000-ish comments, and so MySQL kept dying. There was also a faulty redirect causing stupid… read more →