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BellaB~ and NinjaLinks Updates

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I’ve started updating every one of my scripts so that I can push important bug fixes and updates before Christmas, giving me time to relax and work on a few other things. Now is the time to shout about any possible features or complain about things you don’t like.

If you’re making a suggestion, please clearly state which script it’s for otherwise it will get confusing. Cheers!

Jem Turner +44(0)7521056376

10 comments so far

  1. Vasili said:

    I know there’s a bug in BellaBuzz about deleting comments or something..? I suggest spam protection to everything you can because I know I hate spam, just as much as any other person.

  2. AJ said:

    I’m seconding the suggestion for spaces in the category names for Ninja Links.

    Since I’m lurker(-_-;), I’ll take this rare opportunity to thank you for creating this script. It’s love =)

  3. Terri said:

    I would love Ninjalinks to have a Mass Approve option, as well as some more extensitivity (is that a word? Oh well, it is now!) on the spam filtering – I get at least one spam submission every couple of days, and while it may just be that the spammers like my site, I think it should be included anyway.

  4. Mari said:

    I would suggest adding some sort of forgot password option to the BellaBuffs admin page, because like an idiot, if I don’t write my password down the first time, I forget it entirely. And now I can’t log in… *goes to search codegrrl forums for answer*

    But it would be nice, since I’m more than likely to forget my NEW password, if you could include something of that nature in the next version.

    Stupidity, stupid-it-y. No escaping that for me.

  5. Amber said:

    It would be very awesome if you could make it so that the "view all sizes" section of the buttons page in BellaBuffs would break up the buttons according to size while still viewing all of them. :) That way it would be more tidy; I’d personally love to see a header proclaiming "50×50" and so on above the images, but even a break would do, really!

    Would it also be possible to make it so more than one button can be uploaded at a time?

    Just one more suggestion ;). I also use BellaBuzz, and the script gets angry when someone asks a question with quotation marks in it. Is there a way to fix that?


  6. Bridget said:

    Hi! I really love your scripts (BellaBuffs + NinjaLinks) but I would like to suggest adding the ability to allow us to put space in the categories as well. D=

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