phpFanBase3, BellaBiblio and a Link Script

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fanbase3 has been virtually ready for release for a couple of months now and I’m sick of waiting around on the beta testers who promised they’d get back to me within a couple of days (and didn’t). If you’re a long-time user of phpfanbase and want to test out an upgrade, or you’re looking for a MySQL fanlisting script and want to try a first-time install please let me know. (Not suitable for MySQL n00bs yet, I’ve not done the readme.) I need to get this out soon, before the perfectionist in me starts re-writing all of the shitty code. (I’m allowed to say that, I wrote it.)

There’s a new version of BellaBiblio virtually ready for release with some integrated Ajax goodness courtesy of Mat… you can actually search for a book within the control panel and have it pull down most of the details for you (so no need to go searching through Amazon). If there’s any other bugs or features you’d like to see adding/fixing, now is the time to say it.

I’ve started a SimpleDir replacement as I mentioned on the 11th but it’s lacking a name. If any of you geniuseses out there have any bright ideas, I’m listening. Same applies for feature requests, although I’m not planning on creating something that will compete with paid directory scripts… if you need that power you should stop being stingy and pay for it. :P

Come on guys, I need to get these out by October 1st. Help a girl out a little.

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