SFS: “So you’ve had no sugar AT ALL this week?”

Gaz asked me the other night “so you’ve had no sugar AT ALL this week?” And I said “well yes, I’ve had a banana, and they contain fructose” And after some further discussion he went on to ask with a raised eyebrow, “who made up these rules anyway?” Well, I did. I did because nowadays… read more →

Quick Update

Izz’s first day of school went fine :) the highlight of her day was apparently the chocolate pudding she had after lunch I’m on day 3 of Sugar Free September 2014 and apart from some odd cravings on the 1st, which I think were hormone-driven, I’m doing fine I’ve gained a new geek t-shirt, by… read more →

Embracing Hypocrisy

Despite having moaned at length over the past 10 years about advertising on personal blogs, the rise (and fall) of “Pay Per Post” and networks of that ilk, I took the decision this morning to drop an adsense advert on my blog sidebar. I am aware that this makes me a giant hypocrite, that some… read more →

Live Dev: So far…

Despite the fact that you’re all sat watching — refreshing regularly — to monitor the progress of my blog’s live development (you are, right?) I thought I’d give a run down of what’s happened so far, and what’s yet to come… New search bar across the top so you can easily search from anywhere (and… read more →

Live developing the site

Or in other words: fucking things up as I go along :D I’ve decided that if I’m to follow through on my vague-ish plan I need to just crack on with it because if I start development offline it’ll go the way of 99% of my projects and never see the light of day. At… read more →

Moved Feed Provider

Due to continued problems with Feedburner and the ever-present rumour that Google intends to shut it down, I have moved my feed provision (both normal subscriptions and email) to FeedBlitz. Please can you ensure that, if you subscribe to my feed, you are subscribed to www.jemjabella.co.uk/feed as this will always point to the right place.… read more →

the same but different

Eagle-eyed visitors will notice some slight changes here: the addition of a third column, changes to the footer, etc. I’ve converted my theme to run off the genesis framework (mostly for the power of the widgets and templates and all that crap). In theory it means easier maintenance in the future, and has taken about… read more →

Breastfeeding Stories winner

Congratulations to Nathalie T., you are the winner of the ‘Breastfeeding: Stories to Inspire and Inform’ book. You won by following @Lonely_Scribe on twitter. Want to win something cool too? Keep your eyes peeled for a giveaway of a family ticket to the LEGOLAND┬« Discovery Centre.… read more →

Volvo no longer selling cheap ERF car seats

In 2010 I blogged about buying our Britax Multitech from Volvo. Lots of people find my post daily looking for “volvo car seats”, “volvo rear facing” etc. Finding extended rear facing car seats in the UK can be difficult enough as it is, finding them for a good (read: cheap) price is next to impossible.… read more →