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Despite the fact that you’re all sat watching — refreshing regularly — to monitor the progress of my blog’s live development (you are, right?) I thought I’d give a run down of what’s happened so far, and what’s yet to come…

  • New search bar across the top so you can easily search from anywhere (and follow me on twitter etc ;))
  • New logo, which was originally designed for my pro site, which I’ll be using as my personal ‘brand’ from now on
  • The Projects and WordPress sections are in – although yet to be populated
  • New (unfinished) About page
  • The background kitty is in… poor squished background kitty
  • Everything is responsive — figured it was about time (although tweaks need to be made)

Next on my list to fix…

  • Finish About, Projects and WordPress pages
  • Check & style archives / search page
  • Properly style up drop-down menus
  • Sidebars in general.. they’re a bit meh at the minute
  • Footer
  • Revamp Scripts section (release new version of BellaBook)

After that I need to start populating with content, start linking my pages together properly, related posts plugin etc. I’m thinking about starting a regular(ish) newsletter but I’m not sure what the demand for that would be?

Anyway, there we go. Feel free to share your thoughts so far (and any bugs – although I probably know about them)

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5 comments so far

  1. Kya said:

    Save the kitty, is he clawing for help? :O

    Looking good so far. I may have stalked the site and will have to come back and stalk some more later. :D

  2. Stephanie said:

    Is it just my browser, or are you intending to make it so you only have previews of each blog post and you have to click the header to read the whole thing. I really dislike that format, because it seems like click-baiting. I see it a lot on blogs that are ad-heavy and they’re looking for their ads to get more views because more $$.

    • Jem said:

      Yes and no. The plan is to have the snippets on Search and Category / Archive pages to reduce duplicate content and make sure Google is indexing the right pages for the content. The home page will have full post content for exactly the reason you list. Ads & page views don’t come in to it as I still have no intention on using ads :)