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Live developing the site

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Or in other words: fucking things up as I go along :D I’ve decided that if I’m to follow through on my vague-ish plan I need to just crack on with it because if I start development offline it’ll go the way of 99% of my projects and never see the light of day. At least this way you get to see / bug-test as I go along, and I have motivation to keep working on it. Or that’s the theory anyway.

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8 comments so far

  1. Kya said:

    Looking good to me. :D I don’t blame you for just doing it. It’s so easy to have things being worked on offline, and then just put them aside to do later. At least when you have it visible, you know everyone can see it and are judging you. >:D

  2. Hannah said:

    You do have a really good point here- maybe I should publish my blog now and just finish it as I go? It’s only been under construction for over a year…

    @Kya: XD

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