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I have been thinking — I know, dangerous times — over the past week about my site (again) and my plans and my other blogs and bla dee bla. If you’ve followed me for any length of time you’ll know I have a constant dilemma of how I juggle my personal and professional identities alongside my varying hobbies and other crap. I try and keep work me and Me me vaguely separate but it basically never works because I have a huge ego and talk about my crap everywhere.

So anyway, the vague plan (which ties in nicely with my goal to drop some domains/projects) is to redesign this site (and by which I mean pay Lilian to redesign this site) so that there are several themed sections. “Me” stuff (inc. pets/parenting bits), Work stuff, WordPress stuff and probably miscellaneous other crap that doesn’t fit anywhere. I can redirect the existing domains to the relevant sections and bob’s your uncle, etc etc.

I haven’t made a great deal of effort in analysing whether it’s going to be a big SEO ballache or anything, because at this point in time I just need to streamline my crap and get on with blogging.

So, err.. yeah, that’s the general idea.

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  1. Raisa said:

    I have my name registered as a .com domain and I have no idea what to do with it. Right now, it just links to my blog. I’m a few steps behind you in that I wanna collect all the domains right now. :’D

  2. Gemma Wild said:

    So glad I’m not the only one like this! I used to have an active (and quite popular) blog called Pink Garden which is now just a test site for new plugins and re-designs. Also registered my own name but have since decided it’s too egotistical so have reverted back to another of my sites, Indie Handmade! The other half thinks I’m nuts and that I should pick just 1 name and stick with it. He could have a point…

  3. Sophibelle said:

    That’s why I put all my crap in one place. :D

    Your blog looks very nice and cozy but if you need change, go ahead and do it. I did it a while ago because I needed a cleaner, more open space, and it feels very nice. ^_^