Where did all these posts come from?

I’ve done some thinking, and have decided that for now I am going to say ‘stuff you’ to anyone who wants to try and dig up shit / stalk me. As such I’ve imported the posts I created whilst I was “away”; nothing exciting but may flood your RSS feed (for which I apologise). So,… read more →

Toddler Tantrums & the Terrible Twos

Karl has been telling people with great glee how the supposed ‘terrible twos’ had obviously skipped over us. Unfortunately, I think the great god of toddler tantrums has been listening and has decided to smite us with a great big shitty stick because our cute little well behaved (albeit mischevious) Isabel has suddenly turned into… read more →

A Little Break

jemjabella.co.uk is going on a little hiatus while I decide what I am doing with myself/what I want to be when I grow up. I will still be available via twitter/facepoop/email as usual. Development on all of my scripts is officially stopped; whether or not I pick them back up again is yet to be… read more →

Server Downtime – Planned Maintenance

Clook are having a planned server move thingy this weekend which means my site will be unavailable from 10pm-6am GMT on the 26th November (Saturday). I have no idea what that is in foreign times, but probably smack bang in the middle of the day. My email should be fine because it’s hosted elsewhere. This… read more →

Life. Oh, Life. Toddler taming & more.

(This post has been constructed over a period of several days, snatching minutes here and there. If it seems choppy / all over the place, it’s because it is.) Struggling to find the time to write at the minute.. life busy passing me by undocumented. It’s not like I don’t HAVE the time, it’s just… read more →

The House, The Move, The DIY

I’ll break this down a bit for those not interested in the minutiae of the past few days; you can skip to which bits interest you the most… Friday: Exchange and Complete The contracts were officially exchanged on the house Friday morning, we completed at the same time and had the keys for 11am. A… read more →

Mail Form V2.2

In anticipation of the release of my mail form as a plugin for WordPress, I have updated the standalone mail form script. Updates as follows: compressed and optimised badword checking; checking name field too more easily customisable required fields added more known bots to isBots() function disable Send button on successful mail send to help… read more →