Volvo no longer selling cheap ERF car seats

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In 2010 I blogged about buying our Britax Multitech from Volvo. Lots of people find my post daily looking for “volvo car seats”, “volvo rear facing” etc.

Finding extended rear facing car seats in the UK can be difficult enough as it is, finding them for a good (read: cheap) price is next to impossible. That bad news is that when it caught on that people were ‘using’ Volvo to buy these rock solid seats at lower than RRP, they put a stop to it. The Multitech now retails at the same price through Volvo as it does in other ERF retailers and has done for over 6 months (possibly longer).

So, bad news aside, what of the car seat we bought? Well, it’s still rock solid, in daily use and still fits Isabel brilliantly despite the fact that she is tall for her age (it’s a myth that leggy toddlers can’t ERF; their legs bend much more easily than a grown up’s and sit comfortably in these bigger seats). We now also own the Britax Two Way Elite which fits nicely in my small Skoda Fabia. If Oliver continues growing at the rate he is, it’ll soon be joined by another too!

If you’re looking to buy a rear facing car seat for your toddler or indeed are planning to keep a baby rear facing after they’ve grown out of the Group 0 seat, I highly recommend getting in touch with In Car Safety Centre. These guys specialise in rear facing seats and can advise on fitting, ERF seats for smaller cars, etc.

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  1. Mumblies said:

    I have to admit Izzy does have the most amazing car seat I’ve ever seen, far safer and solid than most – including the ones I used in the past for my children.